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forex junkie myfxbook login

The5ers Myfxbook Channel I am scalping addict trader, around trade per day. The5ers – We Fund The Top Forex Traders. Institutional Forex & Futures Trader Ex Barclays Investment Bank/Advisor to MyFXBook's profile picture. MyFXBook. My Bio/CV's profile picture. My Bio/CV. We disagree to this as it is connected to Myfxbook with all data updating every we realised you were looking for a system in Foreign Exchange markets. THE DYNAMICS OF THE FOREX EXCHANGE RATE SSH, leave this responsible for enforcing remotely connect to acting as the. Download the ThunderbirdPortable2ndProfile standard package, three watershed or drainage processes to a generic package [11] require validation of : "remote control" and PortableApps. Tested to work Comodo Internet Security.

The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Diubah oleh IntegratedFx Kutip Balas. Tampilkan isi Thread. Urutan Komentar Terbaru Komentar Terlama. Komentar Terbaru. Halaman 24 dari You can trade with 60 spot currency pairs, spot gold and silver. Most of our clients use their own algorithmic trading strategies or EA-s.

We also have clients who do correlation arbitrage and latency arbitrage. As most of our employees have long-term experience in trading then we can help every client. According to Yellen the central bank is likely to continue tapering its monthly bond-buying program in measured steps.

Also she said that Fed plans to hold interest rates at zero even if the unemployment rate falls below 6. In a report, Sentix said that index rose to Above 0 indicate optimism and below pessimism. Rates were voted to 0. In December only 75, jobs were created, well below , expected by some. Disappointing data suggests that labor market has slowed down. Last year an average of , jobs per month were added.

Nevertheless US Unemployment fell to 6. Market moving events in the past week 1 The US ISM dropped by most since to 8-month low, missing the expectations by a lot. And also new orders are collapsing at the fastest pace since December Government agencies are blaming poor weather and a hangover from the government shutdown.

Construction PMI grew sharply from These numbers show strong growth as below 50 indicates contraction and above 50 indicates growth. Economists expected Happy weekend gan.. The retail Forex market is very competitive as there are literally hundreds of different brokers.

The process of choosing a broker can sometimes give you a headache as there are multiple issues to consider. In this section, we will discuss the primary qualities you should look for when picking a broker.

Reported deficit for December is the highest in a year. Imports grew at a faster pace than exports expanding the gap from previously reported deficit of 0. Out of , jobs created 75, of them were made by small businesses employees indicating strong individual business activity. Meanwhile US Non-Manufacturing sector grew slightly above expectations with services index rising to 54 last month from 53 reported in December, suggesting cold winter had little effect on the services sector.

Feb 10 40 mins. He is a Civil Engineer from Sydney, Australia turned trader and coach specializing in the mindset and emotional aspects of trading. This focus on the Mindset, mental capacity, and emotional intelligence helped him achieve success in trading. In the interview, he gives some great tips on how to improve your trading mindset and turn your trading around.

Here is a small highlight from our guest Khaled Maziad: Trading is where I faced my dark side and went through a transformational process to the person who I would like to become. I realized that traditional trading psychology has flaws as it only focuses on trading. I use a holistic approach based on emotional intelligence and neuroscience to help traders gain mental clarity and emotional balance. Although researching about Psychology, Neuroscience, and Emotional Intelligence is my passion, I am not a psychologist, and I'm a professional Civil Engineer.

With this great intro done, let's get started!!! Who is Khaled Maziad and where he comes from? Feb 03 26 mins. Jan 27 27 mins. Personally I have. This goes back to Because that myth is HUGE out there. News releases happen fast and seeing profits quickly satisfies our brains. But what if I told you that trading after news releases could be even more profitable than during?

I wanted him to tell me and share with you how he's personally using news. We obviously go over how to trade news and the kind of stuff you can expect from any news release. You'll also get to learn about volatility I cannot stress enough how important it is to be prepared for all situations.

Watch the video! Subscribe via Stitcher Subscribe via TuneIn Subscribe via Spotify See all podcast episodes What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Jan 20 34 mins. Listen to this Why you need multiple income streams How long did it take Etienne to become profitable Should you target Minor pairs instead of Majors How much money do you need to make a living trading? Jan 13 20 mins. There's a lot of stuff there. And most people don't even know a fraction of that.

We discuss how you can understand currency pairs and stock market indices in order to boost your returns for the next 12 months. Truth is, diversifying the instruments you trade can lead to a big improvement Jan 06 16 mins. Trade with an Unstoppable Mindset In episode of the Desire To Trade Podcast, you'll be hearing a compilation of advice from highly successful traders.

We prepared this so you're can start your trading year in top shape. Whether you aspire to trade full-time and travel the world, or simply to trade from home, the biggest obstacle you can face is yourself. Dec 30 12 mins. In episode of the Desire To Trade Podcast, you'll be hearing a compilation of advice from highly successful traders.

We prepared this so you're on the right track to crush your trading goals in Dec 23 27 mins. Alejandro has been trading since and started to get into algo trading since early on, but it was recently when he made the change to mostly algo trading with some discretionary trading to complement.

He is our resident algo expert at DesireToTrade and helps consult clients on developing their own algo strategies and automating their existing trading strategies. Twitter Email What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Dec 16 50 mins. Marc is not accepting new clients but he still manages large amounts of funds for clients.

Who is Marc Feber and how he got to where he is now Mark main investment focus The work you have to do when you run an independent trading business Why Marc started to write his own newsletter, even before he went independent How Marc learned to invest and trading What is an "attractive" chart for Marc Marc's thoughts on china investing Could countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. Dec 09 39 mins. They differentiate from other prop firms by giving you live capital from day 1 and allowing any trading style and having a 6 months evaluation program so short and long term traders can prove their skills to earn a funded account.

Dec 02 45 mins. Linda, while being extremely good at scalping the markets, has a very interesting story of how she went from trading at a physical exchange to moving on her own and then starting a hedge fund. Nov 25 50 mins.

Who is Al Brooks and what he does How was Al's transition to becoming a full-time trader What has changed for Al in the past 3 years since the last interview Is every market the same? Nov 18 41 mins. Raja is a Forex day trader who focuses on trading with the trend.

He had very interesting advice on how you too can succeed as a full-time Forex trader. Youtube Instagram What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Nov 04 44 mins. The Power Of Compounding ft.

Compounding is a great tool that has been used by legendary investors and the richest people in the world to grow their fortunes. Compounding is best seen over long periods, but in trading, there are more ways to compound your returns and grow your capital. In this live recording, we will be showing you just how much compounding can change your trading results in the long run. We will also show you ways to increase your account even faster using other people's money and we will answer your questions about trading.

A quick background of Alejandro, our DesireToTRADE partner What is compounding the basics Why you should use a growth plan or compounding Viewer questions: Would you take a larger risk in a trade with more "confirmation"? Oct 28 12 mins. Into to the podcast and updates on Etienne's trading How Etienne's 1st drawdown happened? Oct 21 45 mins. In episode of the Desire To Trade Podcast, Etienne is joined by two other full-time traders and good friends.

They help students crush their trading goals inside the Desire To Trade Academy. They are both experts in their field! Michael is a pro at risk management while Alejandro knows a lot about algorithmic trading. Oct 14 23 mins. We look at some of the best interviews as well as my journey developing the podcast and my own as a trader. Big thanks to all of you for listening to the podcast and watching the Vlogs, without all of you this would not be possible. Now let's get right into this special episode!!

Watch the video special! Oct 07 26 mins. I am the co-founder of a young and ambitious company, which searches and financially supports trading talent in financial markets. Besides working, I love to spend time with my family and friends. Sep 30 51 mins. Topic intro Why Etienne needed an algo How we got to work together Story of the Trading Assistant development Difficulties and issues we found along the way SPONSOR: Soft4FX manual backtesting software for MT4 How we determined that something worked or not in the algo How to make sure your algo is trading as it should The importance in testing and letting go when developing a strategy Learn from the masters and then make it yours How Alejandro learned to code for himself Mixing Human discretion with Algo trading this is what top prop firms are doing Example results from the BB Reversal algo portfolio The value of compounding in a portfolio And much more!

Sep 23 32 mins. Merlin is a young entrepreneur who started a business when he was He was introduced to forex trading by his friends and since then he was hooked. He sold his business to pursue trading and he now spends most of his time traveling, trading and meeting traders around the world.

His learning path was not easy, while he made lots of money at the start he quickly lost it all and realized the reality of trading. From there he has been working hard developing as a trader and improving constantly, leaving the trading lifestyle. Who is Merlin De Santis and where he comes from How did Merlin start to trade What Merlin did to learn and improve his trading How to approach people to meet and learn from them How does Merlin trading style look like How to actually follow your trading plan How Merlin recommends developing your own trading plan What is the Trading Avatar The reason why Merlin travels so much How Merlin handles trading while traveling What are Merlin's plans for the future What is the role of spirituality in trading Where can you find Merlin De Santis What is ALIVE and the motivation for it Merlin's top piece of advice for aspiring traders And much more!

Sep 16 47 mins. It describes how things are done in a proprietary trading firm and provides real stories of traders who had or hadn't what it took to thrive in this world of trading. I highly recommend the book! Mike has a lot of experience working with traders and came to understand what made them successful. He also knows what the learning process looks like for a trader. They make a yearly conference in Las Vegas in which all proceeds are donated to a set of charities.

Who is Mike Bellafiore and what has he and SMB done since the last interview How the whole ambient and culture of SMB encourages traders to continues improvement concrete steps they take to improve every day How SMB use technology to improve their discretionary trading How Mike and SMB are implementing algorithms and technology into a trading desk How to implement a hybrid approach to automated trading What does it take for someone to be hired by a prop firm like SMB What type of traders do Mike and SMB like to see in prospective traders Incredible level of investment into new talent at SMB: "We give everything we got to those people" Great traders may not always be "traditionally" talented The importance of measuring trading performance and process The biggest mistake Mike sees traders make Should a trader copy other trader's style or make their own?

Sep 09 38 mins. Rob trades exclusively on the daily and weekly time frames. His goal is to have the life he desires first. Register to Exclusive Trader Masterclass ft. Rob Colville Are you ready for it? Rob Colville What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Sep 02 21 mins. Michael recently got a deal to trade millions from investors in China. He shares how that has worked for him, as well as how he's managing that kind of money!

Aug 26 15 mins. Use this as motivation to reach your Forex trading goals or as Forex trader advice to listen to on-the-go. In this Forex Trader Motivation video, you'll be hearing the stories of how successful daily chart traders got to where they are now and how hard they work to stay on top.

Subscribe on Youtube! Watch the motivational video! Aug 19 31 mins. What does a perfect trade mean and should you trade only "perfect" setups? Aug 12 24 mins. Aug 05 46 mins. In episode of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I get interviewed by TraderNick and share my best tips on lifestyle, traveling and trading, and more!

What are the places that Etienne goes back a lot How Etienne manages trading and traveling Which have been Etienne's most memorable moment from meeting traders all around the world How long has Etienne been trading How to go about finding people to invest in you as a trader What are the common traits Etienne finds in consistently profitable traders What are the trading styles that have resonated most with Etienne What is holding you from making money consistently in the markets Is trading a science or an art?

Jul 29 47 mins. She is a full-time futures, stocks, and Forex trader based in Boston, United States. Latoya has been trading for over 10 years. She started trading part-time while having a full-time job in finance. After that, she quit her job to trade full time. How did Latoya Smith-Dean get involved into trading and her story to full-time trading What was Latoya's learning curve from going part-time to fill time trading Letoya's current trading style How Latoya trades FOREX and futures differently than stocks How Latoya found her mentors How new traders should go about finding and sticking to a mentor The most common mistake new traders make Some of the "simple" things that Latoya was missing in her development How Latoyamakes sure she is trading in the right times and avoid overstaying How hard its to implement strong rules in your plan?

Jul 22 31 mins. Trade what you see, not what you think How did Richard start to trade How tough was Richard's learning curve Why youtube, articles and books didn't work for Richard How important are losses for a developing trader How Richard makes sure he doesn't take trades he shouldn't take How to understand what other traders see in the markets What is Richar's trading style What Richard looks in the market for a trade step by step process How Richard uses indicators and technical tools for trading How should new traders go about learning to trade Richard's 2 businesses prop firm and money management How to find a good trader Why traders give up Why Richard never gave up Richard's top advice for traders looking for a mentor How can you find Richard And much more!

Jul 15 41 mins. We discuss his story as a Forex trader as well as how he was able to develop simple systems to make a living in the market. Who is Scott Welsh and what he does? Jul 08 34 mins. He is currently traveling while making an income from his trading. Who is Austin Semeniuk and how he got into trading How Austin went from newbie to profitable 38 Austin's opinion on free forums and chat rooms What are the steps that Austin took to develop as a trader You need patience to develop your strategy How does Austin trading style looks like now The value of a mentor in your trading career How was Austin's transition from learning to trading full-time How to become a top performer The importance of keeping a journal The challenges of going from a full-time trader to traveling trader How to find Austin How Austin got capital to trade for a living Austin's risk management and mindset secret What are the plans and goals Austin has for the future And much more!

Jul 01 33 mins. Living in Da Nang, Vietnam for over 2 years now, Jim has developed a methodology using technical indicators to trade roughly 60 currency pairs on a fairly high timeframe - the daily chart. This trading methodology allows him to reduce his screen time to less than an hour a day, and thus enjoy the beautiful beaches Vietnam has to offer. Topics Covered In This Episode Who is Jim Brown and what he does What has been Jim's trading progression What is Jim's thought process of adding or testing new indicators [Start showing the charts] Jim's trading charts setup explanation How Jim hedges his trades to manage risk How long does Jim take to check his 26 pairs for trading How can you get the indicators that Jim uses to trade?

Jun 24 37 mins. What's was particularly interesting for me is the fact that John has gone through the Desire To Trade Academy. He says it taught him things that he hadn't learned before. So without further ado, let's welcome him on the Desire To Trade Podcast!

Jun 17 51 mins. Chris is one of the first people to ever release a share trading book in Australia and has had an extraordinary impact on thousands of traders. He has seen all types of markets, traded practically every instrument available, and shown others how to profit from every market condition. Chris is in constant demand for his keynote speaking skills due to the outrageous success of his presentations for every major share trading exchange in Australia.

Jun 10 18 mins. In this interview, he tells us about the story behind the creation of SCM and how they do things differently to others. This interview is made in the "Lets Talk Brokers" format we run once in a while on the Youtube Channel.

Watch: Video interview! Jun 03 37 mins. At the moment, he trades full-time for his own personal account, while helping traders around the world see more results in their trading. Who is Kevin and what he does How was Kevin's evolution as a trader How Kevin went into algo trading How Kevin searches for trading strategy ideas How Kevin improves and selects his working strategies Why Kevin uses purely mechanical systems without discretionary filters How to manage the risk when running many systems together How Kevin looks to Swing vs Day trading systems What metrics does Kevin look to evaluate his systems Kevin tells us what is the biggest mistake he sees algo traders make How to look at entry and exit strategies when building a strategy How to find Kevin and his new book And much more!

May 27 15 mins. In this Forex Trader Motivation video, you'll be hearing the stories of how successful day traders got to where they are now and how hard they work to stay on top. May 20 42 mins. May 13 10 mins. In this Forex Trader Motivation video, you'll be hearing a compilation of advice on trading psychology and what some of the most successful traders in the world consider as the key.

May 06 43 mins. Today we discuss 5 trading lessons related to algorithmic trading that we learned the hard way. Apr 29 49 mins. Over time, Matt went from being a manual day trader to making returns in the market through the use of algorithmic trading strategies. While I find interest in the topic of algorithmic trading, I find a lot of value in speaking with people who are in-the-action and executing on their ideas.

That's primarily why I wanted to bring Matt on the show! Previous interview with Matt: Moving To Automation Topics Covered In This Episode How has Matt DeLong's algo trading development progressed since last year How to start to create an automated trading system The second step in creating a fully automated trading portfolio The process to identify characteristics your strategies need When to know how many strategies is enough?

Parabolic Capital Quora TradingView Twitter Email What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Apr 22 38 mins. Being a Forex trader first, Nick started to apply his price action knowledge into the crypto trading world and is currently developing price action strategies mainly for Bitcoin.

Forex4Noobs Cryptos4Noobs Twitter cryptos4noobs What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Apr 15 34 mins. A lawyer by profession and training, Ray gave up his lucrative law practice in the s to focus on his first love — trading. His initial attempts at trading failed miserably and he suffered heavy losses. This approach has proven effective in both trending and congested markets, allowing him to trade profitably and consistently.

Thereafter, he was highly sought after by major banks to manage their funds. At the same time, he was also very much sought after as a trainer to train other institutional traders based on the strategies and techniques he developed. In the early s, he became an outsourced FX Trader and this gave him the flexibility to focus his next great passion — teaching. Signup for the upcoming exclusive webinar! Watch the video interview here!! Trading Success Twitter Signup for the upcoming exclusive webinar!

Apr 08 23 mins. Moritz has been trading for quite some time. He founded Tradeciety and Edgewonk a pretty cool trading software together with his business partner Rolf. Watch the video interview here! Tradeciety Facebook Twitter Email What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Apr 01 28 mins. We discuss his technical analysis process as well as his experience managing money for other people. Mar 25 23 mins. Both work for VFS Group, a private wealth management fund. I wanted to discuss with them what it's like to trade in a firm of the sort and what you can expect as well if you ever decide to trade professionally.

Website James Whelan on Twitter What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Mar 18 8 mins. After ranking 1 in a Singapore nationwide Forex trading competition, she came on the podcast to share the lessons she learned prior to becoming a profitable Forex Trader. She was then featured in various print media for her academic achievements. She was also ranked 10th in a contest organized by FX Street, competing with over traders from over 20 countries.

She is also the contest judge for numerous public speaking contests held around Singapore, ranging from club level to the National level contests. Website Facebook Twitter Youtube What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Mar 11 26 mins. She discusses 5 ways traders screw up in their trading. Those are trading mistakes you want to avoid at all costs Mar 04 26 mins. He gives an overview of the PsyQuation platform and how you can combine it to an AxiTrader account to get trading capital i.

PsyQuation What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Feb 25 60 mins. I had the chance to speak with him on my recent trip to Australia at the Pepperstone offices in Melbourne. Chris has made several appearances on television discussing the markets and is a trusted source of market commentary. Daily Fix Twitter Youtube What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Feb 18 33 mins. Watch the video interview Navin has been trading Forex for well over a decade. During this time he went through all the phases of a successful trader and through all the hardships to reach every next phase. These days Navin is giving back to the trading community by teaching his knowledge to both new and experienced traders. During this process, he also discovered that he also has a talent for teaching.

Navin prepared a special Strategy Video to go over his strategy, check it out here Topics Covered In This Episode Who is Navin Prithyani and what he does [] What were Navin's "making it work" phases [] How Navin Prithyani made the money mindset shift in his trading and life [] The importance of perseverance in your trading [] What are the aspects in which most traders fall when developing [] Navin's trading process - the 4 phases [] Navin's recommendations for traveling and trading [] How Navin gets into his A game [] The importance of adapting strategies to yourself instead of trying to copy [] How is Navin integrating technology into his trading [] Navin's opinion on "phone" trading [] What are Navin's breakthroughs from the past year [] And much more!

Urban Forex Facebook Twitter Youtube What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Feb 11 26 mins. Topics Covered In This Episode Who is Scott Phillips and how he got into trading [] What Scott trades and how is his trading day [] How Scott changed from a losing trader to becoming consistently profitable [] What Scott considers the biggest predictor of future success [] How does Scott keeps track of his trades and journaling [] How has Scott refined and optimized his strategies by using his trading journal [] How Scott keeps on top of his trading when he travels [] What are the common things people do wrong when they try learning to trade [] What Scott thinks of indicators [] What is Scott's top recommendation for traders [] Scott Phillips' goals for the future [] DesireToTRADE Top Resources Desire To TRADE Forex Trader Community free group!

Feb 04 62 mins. Topics Covered In This Episode Who is Mandi and what she specializes in [] Why traders "know" what they need to do but don't do it? Jan 28 60 mins. Jan 21 11 mins. We're getting real simple here so you can start to get results in the shortest period of time. Jan 14 38 mins. Next to the hedge fund, Hartmann also founded Crypto Academy, one of the largest crypto trader and investor educational platforms and has since advised several blockchain projects. Hartmann is also a bestselling futuristic author and a leading voice on social media championing topics like blockchain, AI, and transhumanism.

Felix Hartmann's Personal Website Crypto Academy Felix's Instagram What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Jan 07 48 mins. We discuss his transition from manual to automated Forex trading and how Boris develops profitable trading strategies, as well as how to increase your chances of success in the Forex market. Watch the video here. The online conference to learn MT4 Twitter: fxflow Boris Schlossberg's website What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Dec 31 1 mins. Hey traders, I just wanted to wish you a happy new year. Let's make things happen together in ! If you got value out of the podcast, please share your favorite episode on social media and tag me in!! Dec 24 54 mins. Dec 17 27 mins. We will cover the questions you have for me in this episode.

Dec 10 43 mins. Bull Markets Email: [email protected] What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Dec 03 86 mins. In this podcast, we talk about some mind-blowing things about neuroscience and hedge funds, trading for other people, and what the different solutions are for that. Website: 2ndSkiesForex. Nov 26 55 mins. Trading with your emotions can be difficult at first, but by applying the tips in this video, you'll make the process much easier.

You'll find out the techniques used by very successful traders on how to deal with trading emotions. Nov 19 34 mins. Full-Time Day Trader Secrets and Tricks In episode of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I bring another past guest of the podcast who has impacted me that made a big difference in my trading, and this time I have a chat once again with full-time trader Andrew Aziz. Andrew is a day trader based in Vancouver, Canada. He knows what it takes to perform at your best and to keep improving yourself on a daily basis.

Bear Bull Traders Email What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? More Freedom - Michael Toma. Nov 12 46 mins. Michael has inspired me and helped me a lot in the past in trading. He had been in the podcast a few weeks ago and many times before, and every time I speak with him I learn something new which I want to share with you. After these previous episodes with Michael, it was time to answer your questions so we went on YouTube Live asking for your questions, what you want to learn more precisely about risk management.

We discuss how to grow your trading business and answer your questions! Nov 05 34 mins. We discuss how Jason went from College to working for banks and then into full-time Forex trading. Throughout that process, Jason worked in institutions and set up a highly-recognized technical analysis business among big institutions. In this interview, we discuss Jason's Forex trader story and more!

Oct 30 50 mins. Oct 23 81 mins. Oct 15 59 mins. He is one of the people that I relate to in trading, who does what I do, is more advanced than I am, and I want to learn from him quite a lot. Houston also started The Montreal Traders Meetup. For the past few months, he has been pushing me to trade cryptos. He started this almost a year ago and had some success with it.

Now, this is something he does on a daily basis and something he enjoys. So I wanted to get his perspective on how to do cryptocurrency trading; how to start, what to look for, and how to go beyond the noise in crypto to be able to succeed in the field, and more. The Trading Edge Facebook Twitter What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Oct 08 50 mins.

Michael is the one who has probably studied this topic the most. Traders like him kind of have a way of doing things that are special and so I wanted to bring him back. Michael has been in episode 40 of the podcast as well as a few episodes after that. In this podcast, we went even more broad in that episode to talk about not only risk management but also trading strategies, how he trades, what things he looks for and how he has been able to get a lot of money trading for other people.

Oct 01 53 mins. Sep 24 52 mins. After a long waiting time to interview her, she finally was able to come on the podcast. I really love the topic we discuss in this interview; things like candlestick, high-performance trading, how to go from part-time to full-time, and how she lived that herself.

Trading Game website YouTube What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Sep 17 52 mins. Having worked with a very large number of successful traders, Mandi has seen directly the kind of mindset, attitude, etc. Sep 10 9 mins. I talk about how to do this and then move forward to becoming profitable. I will share the three things that really transformed my trading and profitability with that.

Sep 03 63 mins. Aug 27 53 mins. This episode is another collaboration with Jerremy and I really love his insights and the things that he thinks about that I wanted to bring this on the podcast once again. You guys have been hearing Jerremy for a few times in the past month. Even if you do not trade for other people, you will still learn a lot from this interview.

We talk about how to pay your taxes as a trader and a lot, lot more. Aug 20 49 mins. Tim is also on a different podcast which I used to listen to before starting my podcast. He shares his story as a successful trader and highlights several important lessons about success in the field of full-time trading.

We talk about goals, challenges, going to full-time trading when you have a full-time job, how to combine the two and a lot, lot, lot more. Aug 13 47 mins. Casey has been featured earlier in episode of the podcast. You can watch it here. Casey has been putting massive work into delivery systems and making his trading really systematized. You can watch the video interview of this episode here. Trading Strategy Guides Cashflow Hacking Podcast What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Aug 06 44 mins. After working as a trader in different exchange and having a thriving career in the trading industry, he made it his goal to teach other people how to use fundamentals. In this podcast, he shares what a bank trader looks for and why relying solely on indicators is the wrong way to go about success in trading. Jul 30 66 mins. I have seen these mindset challenges for myself that I had to push them away over time.

Ask yourself what have you done, what have you improved on, and what can you work on. That will be amazing and that will be a great way to get value from this. Jul 23 44 mins. You can watch Part 1 of his video interview episode here that was aired two weeks ago. In this episode, I bring back Trent where he discusses some things Forex brokers do that you weren't aware of.

Trent shares more on how Forex brokers work and operate to make it possible for you to trade. This will be useful since all aspiring profitable traders should understand the way their broker functions. This is important if you have a problem with your broker or if you're not sure how they work. Jul 16 55 mins.

One of the tough aspects and tough parts when it comes to achieving something great is to be motivated daily and to be able to achieve your goal no matter what you think. I interviewed Jerremy a few episodes back Episode and but today we talk about his history, what he went through and how he kept pushing no matter what happened.

In this podcast, Jerremy talks a little bit more about everything he faced and how he was able to get back. This is really inspirational if you're struggling with achieving your goals at this point or if you've been facing some tough times. Jerremy is the man. He is super high in energy and he went through a lot, which is exactly what he shared in this interview. Jul 09 38 mins. We discuss how to choose a broker for U.

In addition, we cover new regulations in the U. Trent is a financial market professional with global experience. He believes in honesty and hard work, which in my opinion are the staples of good business. Hard work will see tasks and objectives through, while honesty is the staple of long-term relationships. These two practices have allowed Trent to achieve success as a runner, commodities trader, and a broker. Trent Hoerr was also featured in episode 29 of the podcast on choosing your Forex broker.

He works for Forest Park FX With an experienced staff of industry professionals, Forest Park FX specializes in creating custom FX brokerage and trading solutions for retail traders, service providers, institutional traders, money managers and hedge funds. Forest Park FX offers a wide variety of value-adding services, including market access through the world's top Forex brokers, cash back rebates for retail traders, built-to-specification trading algorithms, administrative and operational support for money managers and customized liquidity for hedge funds and high volume traders.

I decided to bring back Trent on the show as he's one of the most knowledgeable persons I know to discuss Forex brokers. With the new regulations being applied in Europe July and other brokers stopping their services to Canadian residents, I thought it would be great to get a new perspective on how to choose the best Forex broker again if you've been impacted by these recent events. Jul 02 44 mins. After his career as an institutional trader, he moved on to trade for himself and is now getting some partnership with different companies.

In this podcast, Tony shares how people trade in banks. If you've been wondering what kind of things people look at institutional traders, Tony is the perfect person to answer that. Jun 25 50 mins. While Moritz has been a few times with me on the podcast and on YouTube to talk about different topics, this is the first time for me to interview Rolf, to get a little bit into both what they do and kind of how they deal with things.

Both of them share some great knowledge into this interview. Jun 18 55 mins. I interviewed him a few episodes back Episode but today we go more in detail into what he trades, the strategies and also the routine he follows on a daily basis. In this podcast, one topic we touch on in this interview which I think we never talked about before, is what does it take to become wealthy from trading.

This is major because you cannot just trade day to day and become a wealthy trader. Jun 11 14 mins. The question is, how much money do you need to trade Forex? Most importantly, this advice should be used to level up your standards. It's crucial to set the right goals in order to achieve your desired outcome. Jun 04 52 mins.

You can go back and listen to Episode where Paul tells a very interesting story where he made the transition from part-time to full-time trading. He talked exactly about how he did it. In addition to mastering swing trading, Paul decided to jump into day trading at some point after going full-time to spend as many activities while running and being responsible for swing trading at Bulls on Wall Street. Swing Trading Alerts at Bullsonwallstreet. May 28 12 mins. A Forex trader motivation episode!

Subscribe on Youtube : Watch the motivational video! May 21 34 mins. We discussed trading psychology, covering much of the aspects you need to be able to trade full-time and to have the right psychology and the right mindset. May 14 67 mins. He is also the founder of 2ndSkiesForex and a soon-to-be new trading venture. In this podcast, Chris went a little bit more in detail on his professional methods and most specifically how he uses order flow in trading.

May 07 66 mins. I met up with him specifically to discuss more in-depth the topic of crypto trading. Apr 30 40 mins. From his desk in Toronto, he was able to offer his knowledge on trading fundamentals. Brandon is primarily a fundamental trader who looks at Forex and he went through all the steps, all the things that has to be looked at before starting a Forex trade.

In this podcast, Brandon talks about whether you want to trade with the news or you want to look at the fundamental trade before entering a trade, what are the things you need to know and the fundamentals of trading. Apr 23 57 mins.

He has been most recently working on a platform FundSeeder that links traders and investors so they can get capital and that an investor can get a talented trader to manage their money. We explore the topic of how to get capital for trading and the quite simple steps that you need to take to start trading. FundSeeder email: [email protected] What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Apr 09 54 mins. Moritz has lived in Asia for 7 years and moved back to Germany to run his businesses. He has also been a day trader and is right now transitioning to swing trading and position trading. In this podcast, Moritz talks a little bit more about his tactics and some of the uncommon ways that are used to become a profitable trader and to continue growing.

Apr 02 33 mins. He shares some very important trading success tactics few people ever talk about. What's great about the tactics pointed out by James is that you'll be able to apply them whether you're a retail trader or a professional one. James currently works for VFS Group, who provides holistic and targeted professional investment advice to Private Clients. He shared some of what his role as an investment manager involves in addition to trading.

One thing that is to take-away: relationships are big in the trading industry and can easily make the difference. Mar 26 46 mins. I've got to discover over the years that the best way to master anything is to learn how to master your time. That's what we're talking about in this episode. I get a lot of people reaching out saying they're "too busy". The truth is, we all have the same 24 hours. No more no less.

What you do with your time ultimately determines who you are That's why we're diving in the topic this week! Mar 19 52 mins. Trading Success Twitter What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Mar 12 52 mins. This currency trader interview covers topics such as how to maximize your lifestyle as a trader, tips for trading the daily charts, how to trade multiple currency pairs, and more!

JagFx Facebook Group Twitter Email What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Mar 05 46 mins. Feb 26 48 mins. We discuss how to trade price action with support and resistance areas as well as a couple of other very applicable topics! The reason why I decided to bring Nick on the show is that he was one of the people who directed me toward price action in the early years of my Forex trading journey.

Nick has a very down-to-earth approach and a similar trading style to mine. Most traders can definitely learn something useful from his trading method. Forex4Noobs Twitter YouTube What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Feb 19 48 mins. During his previous interview on the podcast, Jason mentioned the idea of "selling out" as a major reason for his success in trading. In this interview, we go a little more in-depth concerning what Jason had to do in order to make a living with Forex trading. Tier One Trading Twitter YouTube What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Feb 12 81 mins. Paul spent a great amount of time trying to understand how banks were involved in the Forex market. That involved looking at price action. This work allowed Paul to work for major European and UK banks. He got introduced to the market after developing an interest in horse racing bets. That, although trading is fairly different in various ways, helped Paul develop a sense of probabilities that served him in his trading career.

ExactTrading Twitter YouTube Email What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Feb 05 34 mins. Is that even possible? Well, there are things that must be said I've got to understand that it is much more rewarding to develop the right habits from the start, as opposed to being focused on making easy money trading Forex at first.

A big shift for me happened when I started to accept having an average trading strategy instead of researching for the perfect one. Truth is: it'll probably be impossible to find a perfect strategy. An average one as long as it's strong will probably get you ahead more than you expected it. Jan 29 54 mins. This is a special "double" episode in which we dive in both of my guests' stories. Check out my interview on Two Blokes Trading podcast! Tom started to interview traders in order to understand how he could become successful himself.

He is in progression to become a profitable technical Forex trader. For his part, Brandon, who now trades full-time, has over 10 years of experience in different roles within the trading industry. He is mainly a fundamental trader. Aside from being complete jokers the funniest I've seen , they can be great inspirations More about Brandon Turner He is a full-time trader since , Forex fundamentals and sentiment trader, closet vegetarian, allergies include technical indicators, suits, and getting rich quick.

Two Blokes Trading Facebook Twitter What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Jan 15 33 mins. It starts right now! While we like to see movies in which the main character goes through a crisis, it's much harder to accept going through that journey in real life. Fortunately for us, Mandi shared a typical trading hero journey that you can apply in Forex trading. You'll probably be able to spot where you are in this journey.

And knowing this will allow you to move to the next step, where you're likely to see some breakthroughs. Jan 08 46 mins. I hope you enjoy! This week training is titled the Forex Trading Psychology Mastery. Valid until January 12th, Jan 01 52 mins. Walter Peters is a full-time Forex trader, author, podcast host, and more. What's great about Walter is that he isn't the type of trader who wants to trade all day. He developed a high time-frame style of trading that gives him more freedom.

He can then go surf and enjoy life! Dec 25 45 mins. We discuss your top questions on advanced patterns, trading price action, as well as how to go from struggling to highly successful as a Forex trader. Watch the video interview "The more organized you are, the less opportunities you're gonna to miss.

TierOneTrading coming in Youtube Twitter Instagram What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Dec 18 40 mins. This is the small part trading psychology mastering program. Topics Covered In This Episode Psychology coaching session with Mandi Pour Rafsendjani, a trading psychology expert What is necessary to be able to trade full time and make a living trading Learn a few pieces of advice when you should start trading in terms of psychology Trading plan restricts the freedom but it is the only way to succeed Remember four components to success How did Mandi decide to make a trading plan Look at your life and what your preferences are and translate that into your trading Mandi believes that how you do one thing you do everything It is important to have a plan that you can follow over time 33 There are four major behavioral patterns that influence your trading plan One thing people could do to take the first step to be the better traders DesireToTRADE Top Resources Desire To TRADE Forex Trader Community free group!

Dec 11 36 mins. He came on the podcast to share about his progression from restaurant worker to full-time stocks trader and what helped him succeed. He started trading in and went full time in He's traded stocks, options, and futures in several bull and bear markets and primarily uses technical analysis to analyze the market. Website Twitter: jasonleavitt Twitter: leavittbrothers Email What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Dec 04 24 mins. He came on the podcast to share about his life as a full-time Forex swing trader, his style of trading, and the techniques he uses to manage your trades successfully. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering.

He started trading the stock market in after subprime mortgage crisis. In , he was introduced to the forex market and immediately fell in love with it. He is currently a full-time trader and has been trading profitably for the last 5 years. Website Twitter Facebook What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode?

Nov 27 31 mins. Nov 20 82 mins. He is someone aspiring professional traders can learn a lot from and I always feel great after discussing with Steve. There are several "gems" in this interview! During his work life, he has seen 3 market crashes and multiple Bull and Bear market cycles.

He knows everything about how to master the markets and trade profitably through all environments and the secrets of a professional Forex, Stocks Trader, which makes him a very interesting guest. This is an opportunity you don't want to miss! Make sure to select the "Desire To Trade" option for a free call with Steve! Nov 13 55 mins.

He came on the podcast specifically to discuss his transition from part-time to full-time trading. Over the years, Paul has developed the skills required to trade in multiple markets. After blowing up 2 accounts after a k run up during the boom, he got serious around the mids. After completing six years of serious part-time trading around a job, Paul transitioned to full-time trading and has been a full-time trader since In , he was approached by his former student Kunal Desai interview here to run the swing trading service at BullsonWallstreet.

Paul continues to personally mentor select traders. Paul J. Nov 06 50 mins. He came on the podcast to share his story as a Forex reversal trader. We jump into habits, mindset, and strategies that are essential to succeed in the Forex market. ForexAnalytix LinkedIn Twitter What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Oct 30 63 mins. He came on the podcast to talk about his 50 years of experience on what highly successful traders do.

More About Barry Burns Dr. Barry Burns started his study of the markets under the direction of his late father, Patrick F. Burns, who accumulated 70 years of trading experience in his lifetime. Let me know honestly what you think of the podcast because the only way I can improve is through your reviews.

Share This! Oct 23 41 mins. This is probably one of my favorite story shared on the podcast so far. After all, Andrew got very serious about day trading after getting fired from his job as a research scientist. Covered In This Episode It's my passion.

Oct 16 14 mins. After all the guests interviewed, I felt it was time to reflect a little and point out thing that you can take action on. Watch the video on Youtube! The only thing I cared about what to become profitable. However, what I didn't realized is that I could have speed up the process by defining a goal and identifying the actions needed to reach that goal.

Most often, massive success in trading involves other activities such as reaching out to people, testing thing, collecting data, etc. Those can be done early to boost your growth as a trader. I used to think that my job was to find the "best trading strategy for the best return". However, there are two simple things we can do in trading to increase returns and or money we make: Increase your trading capital Increase slightly your risk What truly matters isn't the return percentage per say.

It's the consistency with whatever return you are getting. Unfortunately, it's impossible and counter-productive to learn about all the parts at once. If you want to see success quicker in trading, you must master one part at a time. That might mean taking a course on what you need to learn most right now and putting all your energy on that. Then once you see results, you move to the next thing you need to master.

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