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Platinum forex group facebook skinny

platinum forex group facebook skinny

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However the jewelry designer recommended ct. What is your opinion. It is an 8 ct opal, oblong. Hi Terry — Considering 22 or 24kt gold and platinum are a different colour, it would come down to personal colour choice. Hi, I recently got engaged back in May. Also sometimes it looks very shiny some days it looks a little dull…. In any case, both white gold and platinum rings should be serviced every years. My wife dislocated her ring finger. This resulted in her platinum band and engagement rings being cut off to relocate and exray her finger.

What is the best way and most cost effective way of repairing or replacing the rings? Repair or melt metal and buy a new one? Hi Richard You may want to visit a few jewellers to get quotes and their opinion on whether or not they can be repaired or they need to be re-made. Hi, I am looking at getting a platinum engagement ring with pave diamonds on the band but a rose gold wedding ring.

Is that possible or would you recommend getting a platinum wedding ring too? Hi Mary It sounds like an attractive combination. However, be aware that different metals have different hardnesses, so one may wear the other down slightly if worn together. Every jeweler has told me something different. What are your thoughts and why? I have a platinum wedding band with 11 channel set diamonds along the top.

Five years ago I brought it to a reputable private jeweler to have it sized up after having children. Several months after having it resized, a crack appeared in the very bottom of the ring. Shortly after that, a second crack line appeared. I brought it back to the jeweler and they said they would repair it at their cost. About a a year and a half or so after that, the same thing occurred. Two cracks appeared in the exact same spot.

This time it actually cracked open entirely. I brought it back to the jeweler. They again said they would repair it. When they gave it back to me after that repair, they pointed out to me visible pitting in the bottom of the band. He said his recommendation was to wear it until it cracked and then have the shank replaced entirely. I brought it to a second private jeweler who inspected it and said that, yes, it was pitted and weak and that in his opinion they were making it too thin, as thin as possible while still staying within guidelines.

So a year went by and the two cracks appeared again. This past weekend another year later it cracked open. I brought it back to the jeweler again and this time he said he is replacing the bottom half of the shank entirely. I told him what the other jeweler said about it being too thin and he said he would make it thicker this time. So after all that, and reading what you said above, I am wondering if it is weak and cracking also because they are trying to melt the platinum themselves instead of sending it to be refined as you mentioned.

Any thoughts on this? Hello My daughter has always had allergies to cheap metal jewelry so she stopped wearing earrings in her pierced ears. Recently I bought her 10k white gold earrings for her birthday. Seems that she is allergic to them. When I say allergic; she wore them to work and was fine. Two weeks later she wore them again and they made her ear piercings bleed and hurt.

Can you recommend the next step in metals for her to try? Thank you! Does a white gold bracelet, stamped 18K have 18K yellow gold underneath or a lesser gold. Is the 18K relating to the white gold coating or the actual yellow gold.

Reason being that I am being told that even though it is stamped 18K, that the yellow gold under the white gold coating is only 9K. It was sold as 18K white gold. Hi Brenden An 18kt stamp means that the entire item is 18kt, at least it should be. You may want to get the gold independently tested if you are concerned about the purity. I have a plain 14k white gold 2mm wedding band purchased in the states, where I reside, that has considerably yellowed over the 1 year since purchase.

I was considering replacing it with a plain 2mm platinum band but after reading your article it seems like a white gold band purchased from Australia, or somewhere that uses palladium instead of nickel alloys might be a better choice. Hi Josie Try asking a manufacturing jeweller, as opposed to a jeweller retailer as they will most likely use a palladium based alloy. I want a metal that can keep 18 diamonds 0. So is 9ct an option? Thanks for the insightful article. Hi I am looking to purchase a 1ct diamond pendant on a spiga chain.

Would the chain and fixing be better in white gold or platinum? Directly to refiners? Do they deal with the public direct? Thanks, I appreciate your time. Hi Dave I would be best to ask one of the many gold buyers either in Perth or online. Many are attached or affiliated with refiners. I can find a link to similar examples if you would like. I have two jewellers in mind, one is an unknown offering all the nickel free alloys 9k, 10k, 14k and 18k and also platinum in decent weights.

The other is a local old family jewellers in the UK so only 9k and 18k or platinum possible astronomical price with them , probably lighter weight creations but with years of decent reputation behind them. Especially the OEC it was a wonderful find. Which metal or metals would you recommend for this project please? And if you have an opinion on which jeweller to go for that would be a great bonus. Hi, we got an engagement ring made with a stone we supplied in 18ct white gold from a design the jeweler found for us.

It has since greyed and I get a reaction from wearing it. I am so upset about it! Kind regards…. Hi, We are in the process of having my engagement ring made and are going with a simple french pave band, with a low set 4 prongs.

The center stone is 2. I have heard conflicting information on the pros and cons of white gold versus platinum as far as maintenance as well as the security of the center stone. I am interested in getting white gold engagement and wedding rings. I live in West Lafayette, Indiana and my zipcode is I am not allergic to nickel but I have sensitive skin and I am pretty sure that I am senstive to nickel. Thanks much!

What would you recommend for platinum chains. You say platinum setting woth white gold band is good for rings. What about platinum chains. What are merits and demerits of platinum chains. Are platinum jewels are valued same after few years if we go to sale them or to get it exchanged with some other jewel piece as it loses some weight during day to day wear. Does it also need polishing time to time.

And are they can be remoulded after few years? And how to make sure that the platinum jewel we bought is real and are not fooled by jeweller…. Similarly, all jewellery will require polishing and servicing at some point in time. Some jewellers can reuse the platinum, but most can not, unlike gold.

We have found we can successfully melt up small amounts of platinum off cuts into a small bar with the right temperature flame, crucible, a non iridium based alloy and no more than 30 gms of off cuts, we can reuse for wedding rings and shanks but use virgin alloy for the settings every time. Yes, you can, but the gold rings might wear the platinum rings down as gold alloys are harder than purer platinum alloys.

I just bought my wife a 4ct diamond and am having a jeweler design and make her a 2 tone ring, 18K yellow and 14K white. I wanted to set the 4ct diamond in 4 prong Platinum, he is strongly suggesting 14k white with 6 prongs. I wanted 4 prong to be able to better see the diamond. Hello Nikhil Can you advise whether white gold or platinum is better for a chain for a pendant.

The pendant is a reasonable size and made of white gold and diamonds, and so I would like the least likely chain to break. Also the person its for is sensitive to silver, at least in earrings. Since most white gold contains silver, platinum would be a better option if you are concerned about an alergic reaction to silver.

However, white gold chains are far more prevalent than platinum chains. Hi Nikhil, Could you kindly recommend a or a couple of reputable jeweler s in Melbourne who can redesign my engagement ring. It is currently a trilogy design, the band is 24k gold but would like to change band into either white gold or. Would you also recommend a platinum setting and white gold band for this? Hi Nikhil, I recently bought a 18k white gold diamond ring because the jeweller said platinum is softer, more prone to scratches and more prone to jewel lost falls off especially for 1 carat and above.

He said 18k white gold is stronger and cheaper. I was convinced because I did not want my diamond to fall off as I will be wearing it daily. After reading your article, is he right on everything except jewel lost? Platinum is less prone to bending, so if the diamond is claw set, then it will take a little more force to say bend the claws than 18kt white gold.

Platinum is softer so it is more prone to scratching and denting. That said, both platinum and 18kt white gold are fine choices for an engagement ring. I want to buy a very good quality one to have forever.

Would you suggest platinum or white gold is better for long term wear. I was thinking platinum as you need to replate the rhodium in white gold. Also do you suggest anywhere in Sydney to buy a good quality one? Given it is a pendant, white gold is far more common and the availability of white gold chains is far more prevalent than platinum chains. Probably for the first time, I have come across a post that states the differences between the white gold and platinum in such a clear and concise manner.

Hi Very interesting read, thank you. Is it better to have a yellow gold band, but might that get damaged when rubbing against the platinum on the inside of the finger? It should be OK to mix metals. If anything, the gold will wear the platinum down as the gold will be harder. There is a special place in Hell for web-designers who make italic font a main font on the page. It was created in the 80s by another big industry—cosmetics!

This is why I do not really understand the use of platinum bands for wedding bands, if they are for daily wear for decades resizing is likely to be necessary and repair may also be necessary emergency removal. I think there is a lot of snobbery when it comes to white gold, that it is a pretender to platinum, but honestly it seems by far the most practical option if white metal is the preference for the band.

Glad we have standards here in Australia, Nickel allergies are incredibly common, so it makes jewellery made with it very likely to be unsuitable for the end user. I love the look of unplated 18k palladium white gold — I also love 18k and 22k yellow gold, they just have such a glow to them? Thanks for this super useful article — really insightful and a welcome break after reading pages and pages of retailer websites which seem devoid of real information.

Aesthetics aside, is it noticeably less robust than 18 carat white gold? Appreciate your insight! Great article! Sad that there are not more of them out there. Luckily I found a booklet about semifinished parts for juweliers. If we would have just listened to most of the comercials, we would have probably choosen the wrong material. We really like this weak a bit boring looking platin. Only the costs nearly killid us :. White gold is also pretty durable, but its hardness depends on its karat — the lower it is, the less actual gold the piece contains and the harder it is.

Soul food containing Adamabtum particles that enrich our inner love light. Gold is powerful not because of what it can buy but by how it is given.. It is made from love and is love and can only absorb the quantum properties by lovingly affecting another. Sharing the love light.. Add a diamond for special delivery. Look at the sun and take some deep breaths. Get it for free and experience the quantum magic.

Mindfulness Matters. It bends out of shape, the prongs get loose. The jeweler feels a 14K white gold would be a better option than platinum. It really depends on the individual alloy, as it would vary from jeweller to jeweller, country to country etc.

Amazing this post is very helpful for me as a I am also in the similar business. It is very important to provide value to the customers by giving them right advice. About 4 years ago I bought a 9ct white gold dress ring for occasional wear which has completely cracked open in 2 areas around and under the setting.

As a result I have lost 3 small. Generally it is quite easy to diagnose the problem, ie: if the ring has come apart at a solder join, it is a soldering problem. I would encourage you to go back to the store and see what they say. There is a lot of difference between white gold and platinum. Great post. It is very informative post. I have really enjoyed browsing your blog post. Hi Nikhil, thank you for your informative post. My question is: should an eternity ring in platinum be thicker than the exact same one done in white gold?

I went back to the place my husband bought the engagement ring from and they told me that it could have been thinner even if it is in platinum. I cannot exchange it nor did any store accept to adjust it as it is a full eternity ring. I am wearing it as is but it is a bit thicker than my engagement ring although the diamonds are not big; around 0. I was just wondering if that is normal and if not, could it be adjusted in a third store — as I prefer it thinner?

Also, do you believe it is worth it or risky for the ring? Generally speaking, when designing and engineering jewellery, we use the same rules for all metals gold and platinum alloys. Much appreciated. I have a solitaire platinum engagement ring and would like to add small diamonds on the shoulders of the ring. Probably 6 on each side. Is this something that could be done? Thank you for the very good information on Gold ect alloys and platinum.

Would you, please help me with something off the topic. Please, forgive me if this is not allowed. My question is:9cr white gold studs with. Also, is it allergy free alloys in Australia or in the 9cr whit gold? This is my very first white gold and diamond earrings. Although I tried choosing the diamonds to that actually showing up even in deemed light on a white color spectrum and matching my white sapphires AAAA. I have an heirloom platinum ring that I need sized down significantly. Is it useful to me to ask to keep the cut out in case it needs to be sized up in the future?

Or is a platinum cut out useless? Also, how long does it take to resize a platinum ring usually? It is normal practice for the jeweller doing the resize to keep that is retain the piece and send it to the refiner the piece that is cut out unless the customer requests otherwise. Hi last month I ordered a platinum band and chose a diamond.

The jewelry store did the installation of the diamond. The prongs are all bent in different directions and it has divots all over the prongs. I am very disappointed, I was expecting perfection for the price I paid. Is this normal or should they fix it? I would appreciate your advice. I have had a deceased relative ring in my possession for a number of years sitting in a safe place doing nothing. Only weighs 2. It could be two tone, platinum and 9kt white gold.

I would check with a jeweller or appraiser if I was concerned. I recently received an platinum engagement ring. Or do you recommend just buying a platinum wedding band? In my experience, it should be OK. I would like a 4 prong Martini setting — would you recommend platinum or 18ct white gold in this instance? Usually white gold is more available for earring settings, but if platinum is an option then I would recommend that.

She wears mostly silver and steel jewelry. She can be hard on her rings and really prefers something low maintenance. I am leaning platinum for these reasons bright white color, durability, no need to replate. I did not know they made a white gold alloy that was just gold and platinum or palladium though. Would this be a good alternative to platinum or regular white gold that needs to be replated? Can it be left unplated without pitting or causing allergies? How does it compare visually to platinum?

Thanks so very much! Hi Toni…. Most palladium alloys are a mix of copper, silver, palladium and gold. They are grey, hence, to brighten them up, they are rhodium plated. Forex Brokers List. How do I know if my Forex broker is regulated? Can I trade Forex without a broker? What does a Forex broker do? Can a Forex broker steal your money? Which broker has the most users? How many Forex brokers are there in the world?

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