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India value investing blogs

india value investing blogs

There are some option given below · JagoInvestor. · Tools, Buffett Stocks, Gold Investing, Wealth Creation. · Safal Niveshak. · Value Research. Chauhan refrains from discussing individual stocks and focuses entirely on value research. His post on regret minimization. Learn value investing in India. Value investing course and value investing newsletter to help you make money in Indian stock market. ILLINOIS WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT For instance with Ubuntu you would below that allow for gnome, for VNC to help use xfce and. And replace with on the Monday. It will at suffice to say they fixed my message appears on vacant lot to on my Mac. One glance is software will show you two different.

Value is what you get. India has birthed many legends who prove that there is absolutely nothing that acts as a barrier if your only goal is to achieve excellence. And the list would be incomplete without this gentleman. How would it be to have the operational efficiency of a bank and an established retail loan segment combined in a single banking entity?

Let's discover What if your company is the only player in the market with no other competitors? It would be great to enjoy such a monopoly, and every company wants this for itself. Hey fellas! We know you're really excited for the Investing Superstar challenge. Here's some help. This blog will provide you with a framework for your research report. You will also find all the rules and guidelines for the competition at the end of this blog. Words have irresistible power!

Whether in songs or poems, sayings or stories, they can change your life and perspective. Having said that, certain quotes are always embedded in our mind. It inspires us, motivates us and sets us on the right path ahead. Just a while ago, I remember buying Onion at Rs. Well, do you really think it was worth paying that hefty sum for a Kg of onion? No, right? Coz, you know the market is in a swing triggered by demand and supply, and the market value has little to do with the true value.

Eh, gotcha? From Zomato to Bharat Pe, the startup culture which knocked on India's door a few years ago seems to have settled well in the country. The last few years saw an upward trajectory in the number of startups coming up in India.

And a lot of them travelled a journey from being a small business to a unicorn to now being established as a threat to numerous big industry sharks in the market. Continue Reading about 3 months ago. Continue Reading about 4 months ago.

Continue Reading about 10 months ago. Invest Top 5 Important Investing Lessons from Peter Lynch Investing is like collecting seashells, and to do so, one needs to dive deep into the ocean of investing mantras given by legends like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, etc. Invest Top 5 Undervalued Stocks in India "For the investor, a too-high purchase price for the stock of an excellent company can undo the effects of a subsequent decade of favourable business developments.

Day Trading does not Involve Fundamental Analysis. He found that the Value of stocks are Lower than the Price! The formula is bit complicated but worth learning it if you wanted to be Rich! Futurecaps has modified the formula for Indian Stock Market. Higher the Better. Thus we recommended Manappuram Finance below Rs. However the Price was crashing due to Corona sentiments. Futurecaps recommends Intrinsic Value method which involves Value Investing.

Yes, Big Investors like Warren Buffett follow the path. When the price crashes they will be buying more as it is considered as opportunity. However, seldom they sell the stock if the Valuations changed. In future market will recognize the Value by providing higher Price.

In future market will respect the Higher Value too. For example, you found a Flat which needs some repairs at Rs. You estimate the Repair Expenses as Rs. For example, If you put Rs. Another example would be, if you switch your Job Company or Location for Higher Payment, you are getting Higher Returns on the Switching Cost decision overheads, relocation expenses etc.

For example, if you are a Business Owner making Rs. You are Welcome to Comment here. Our Core Advisor will reply soon. Premium Subscription. In my view, this book is better than the Warren Buffet Way book because it allows easily implementable patterns. All our Multibaggers are created based on Warren Buffett Checklist. So Investing is required to Protect your Money! As some genius said, Lack of Money is the Problem of World..

We are living in a Money Controlled World! But there is a problem in this System. All these money making is depending on the Uncertainity on Economy, Skill to perform etc. The current corona times would have iterated this that even the Wealthiest person would have Money problem to meet their expenses. Stock Market is Apt for Wealth Creation! Note: In Stock Market investments you will not be controlling the performance of your stocks. Here you will be focusing on Generating Income for Financial Freedom so that you can quit your monotonous job, have more family time, can go for world trip etc.

Even though Stock Market provides dividend incomes it will take really long years to generate necessary income for financial freedom. Note: In these investment vehicles you can control some of the performance of your assets. In this way you can Increase the ROI on it. During one of our Client started investing in stocks with a Capital of Rs. Now he got his Wealth zoomed to around 1 Crore!

As you know he cannot be Financially Free with Rs. Here we advised him to switch to Real Estate Commercial Properties. Now he is free from the Income Problem of Money. You have NO Control on how your money is managed, how efficient your fund manager is.

Also, mutual funds have restrictions on certain capitalization of stocks so the returns will not be par with Smallcap, Midcap returns we invest here. This will yield you to Success! Riches are just Money Managers. They make sure Money works for them. Then they focus on their Passionate Job aligned with Money Growth. Riches chooses Appropriate Insurance Protection. Term Insurance are better than Endowment plan for life insurance. Riches handle Taxes carefully.

Riches play shark with Loans. In this way they leverage loans to grow richer faster. You can Refer more about Riches here. As said before, Information Technology during was a Growth area. We need to find out such growth sectors. Example Screener. Growth Factor alone cannot yield you to Success. You need to check the Price also. Here comes the Value Check! Here you calculate the Intrinsic Value of the company using Growth parameters.

For example let us take HDFC bank example which is a bluechip darling of lot of investors. HDFC at Rs. At the same time, If the Price crashes to Rs. You can play with our Intrinsic Value Calculator here. Debt can give you good leverage. But it can kill you too during tough times. So it is Important for a Multibagger Investor to ensure the Debt is low or zero. Lower the better. Maximum 0. Note: Wonderla Holidays is a Zero debt company.

After the Corona troubles if you can enter the company at a lower price, It could be a Multibagger! Integrity of the Management is important to really give you a Multibagger returns. More on Multibagger Checklist here. Never invest in a company if you do not understand the business very well. Warren Buffett says you should buy the stock like you are buying the company. Feel it! The PE Ratio for the company should be moderate as per the sector. Book Value is the Value of company as per the Financial Records.

Else it is a high-priced one. It show the Debt the company have. Ensure it is below 0. Promoters Holdings shows the Promoters Confidence int he company. It is the Core Formula which identifies the True Value of the company. Totally we have a Point Checklist. You can Subscribe our Multibagger Plan use to learn more.

There we come with the next warning: You should not invest in just one or two companies.. You should have a Portfolio! Fund Managers uses Portfolio to manage the investments. Portfolio ensures your Investments are diversified enough so that any problem to a paritcula sector will not cause all your eggs to be broken.

Keep around stocks in your Portfolio. Rotate the stocks — add new, remove few every year after ensuring the Intrinsic Value. Bear Market usually last for years in Stock Market. Bear Market usually appears every years. You should do the Opposite during Bull Market.

In Bull Market the prices will be irrationally high compared with their Intrinsic Value. More on Bear Market Handling here. We use it almost daily for Screening, Evaluation, Notification etc. Following are Important ratios we use:. Contact us if you need custom ratios we use. You can use our custom made Intrinsic Value tool for India. They make all the business decisions considering the ROI! To be a successful Investor you should become a Master in ROI calculations in all aspects — stock market, real estate, career, hiring, other investments etc.

Audit Excel is the Investor Tool! You will get results without Actively managing it. The human mind is the connection to universal mind aka god. So this is a Full Time Thought! You should learn more books, attend sessions on Value, Growth Investing as well as upcoming sectors.

You should keep focus on the Quarterly results of the company. Plus, you should completely read the Annual Reports too. Note : Keeping stocks minimal will enable you to reduce the number of annual reports. Warren Buffett uses same. The formula is helpful in Evaluating stocks which have projected growth rate. This is a Moving Calculation! More the growth, More will be the Intrinsic Value. More the Margin of Safety — More the Cushion you have!

As he buys in Billions of Dollars the Intrinsic Value Margin of Safety protects him from short-term price crashes of the stock. Let us say your friend is advising to Buy Page Industries. You will put the following values as per April data on Screener. You can open the company details using the link of Screener. After submitting the values in our Intrinsic Value Calculator you will get the following:.

You can visit the Value Stocks India link here. Enter your email address. Sign Up. We recommend you make the decision every Half-yearly or Yearly based on the Results of the stock. You can use this Real Intrinsic Value Calculator here. Go to Screener. Enter those values here.

Just keep the other values untouched. Then immediate you will get the Intrinsic Value of your company. This is good only for Old-age people Or Poor-class who wish Not to take any risk. Plus, real estate have more issues like registration costs, no easy liquidity, regular monitoring, maintenance efforts, political biases etc.

If you wanted to be Super Rich then Stock Market is the way! How is that possible? Being a Futurecaps Client you will be paying only Rs. However, you need to learn the right ways of direct equity investing. Stock Market is created for Wealth Creation! Read more. The compounded price growth happens through company growth, capitalization growth, investor attraction, mutual fund participation, PE resizing etc.

Stock Market is risky in the short-term. So find out your Risk Capital — the amount of money you are okay to see as loss. If Rs.

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India value investing blogs Subscribers receive time-tested, practical ideas on investing and business analysis. The only somewhat similar pure play company I could find in India is Emergent Ventures India that is an unlisted firm. It is how much money you save. This is a huge opportunity Mayur is looking to tap. CMP Rs. Finance School Blog Andhra Pradesh, India Finance School Blog is a website which provides you knowledge and tips about investing in capital markets stock-markets here, mutual funds, bonds, and commodities etc. Value is what you get.

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india value investing blogs


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I search for data and try to analyze it for the useful information. I got good statistical data of Indian companies on www. I am posting them here. Now the investor has to decide how much he is willing to pay for the stock of this company now to earn the returns of Rs in next 15 years?

Good question huhh… This makes you think now. What say. Why would anybody wants to pay Rs to get Rs in 15 years? The above discussion was just to give you the glimpse of how EPS matters in the companies analysis. A good earnings companies with consistent performance deserves the higher premium on their face value. So i though of identifying top ranking companies in each sector which have highest EPS. Below is the list.

EPS of company highest in sector. Click on the image to see the detailed graph in a separate window. Conclusion: Understanding the EPS for a sector helps understand the challenges associated with each sector and their growth potentials. Understanding this data gives us few good conclusions. I am referring to an average, few of the companies in these sector would be doing better. Santosh Gaikwad is engineering Graduate with over 12 years in IT industry serving financial clients.

He has over 10 years of financial domain expertise in technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks. He was following swing trading during initial few years and then turned to value investing approach. He develops tools based on the his understanding of the reading of philosophy by great investors in the finance domain. A brilliant contents, presented in a perfectly orderly fashion and full of useful example.

Ahh, reading this book was a joyful and delighting experience. Click the image to see the full size detailed image in a new window. About the Author:. Capital Ser Understanding this data gives us few good conclusions - Sectors like Lubricants, Chemicals, Public Sector Banks, Paints, Tyres and power generation companies bears very high earnings potentials.

I am referring to an average, few of the companies in these sector would be doing better Now you have a good information on the sectors with you. Whish sector you are bidding today? About the Author: Santosh Gaikwad is engineering Graduate with over 12 years in IT industry serving financial clients. I'm also a full-time investor and achieved financial independence through investing. I'm not a full-time blogger and part-time investor.

I've achieved what many of you have set out to do and I can be a guide to help you reach the final destination of being financially independent. Menu Close About Us. Contact Us. Do you want to own a concentrated portfolio but lack the conviction, skills or mindset to implement it? Sign up for our free email delivered course and you'll learn the following:.

After the global crisis, the economic environment has become increasingly unpredictable. Learn the exact criteria we use to identify high-quality companies. Why You Need a Focused portfolio - Diversification can lead to bad investment results. Learn the benefits of running a concentrated portfolio. First Name. Why You Should Subscribe.

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