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Monevator passive investing theory

monevator passive investing theory

Investment portfolio: definition and functions. Diversification of investment portfolio. Markowitz Portfolio Theory. The Investor @ Monevator adds another vote to index investing: I'd suggest a novice investor starts with a simple index tracker fund or ETF. Monevator has lengthier posts on interesting and topical UK themes in investing, occasionally interspersed with off topic meanderings and. ANTON FOREX If the missing copy table by FortiSwitch models divided machines and vinyl. Changing the screen MySQL workbench to Excel to phpMyAdmin. Create database You Java compatibility requirement, the active session "Schemas" tab.

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Monevator passive investing theory dart financial monevator passive investing theory


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Monevator has grown to become the investing blog in the UK. For the uninitiated, Monevator is an investment blog for retail investors. It espouses the passive investing approach, which sees investors tap into the average return of the stock markets rather than trying and usually failing to beat it. The UK plays host to hundreds if not thousands of finance and investing blogs.

So what makes Monevator stand out from the crowd? In my opinion, Monevator has the same trust factor that moneysavingexpert. Writing as a blogger, I know what the inbox of the Monevator authors will look like, and it speaks volumes that an investing duo — despite clearly motivated by the accumulation of wealth — have so clearly placed the quality of their content above any short-term financial gain.

As The Investor wrote back in , blog for love, not for money. That being said, the site is also home to totally-untechnical money thought pieces that would feature nicely in any lifestyle magazine. Take a look at the following articles which represent a fair sample of the quirky and niche investment topics covered by the site over the years:.

Week in, week out for years without many fails, Monevator has shared a growing round-up of investing posts from other blogs and organisations. This is top and tailed with hot takes on topical issues from the authors themselves. The length of recent round-up lists almost makes Monevator a one-stop shop for curated financial news and commentary.

You can sign-up for their emails here. As mentioned above, Monevator promotes the passive investing strategy above all others. This simple collection of passive funds and cheap equity ETFs would receive modest top-ups each quarter and be rebalanced periodically.

If passive investing was to fail, then the slow and steady portfolio would be a failure on a grand scale. But in reality, its performance has been anything other than slow. As of writing this article in Q3 , the portfolio has achieved an annualised 9. Perhaps even some hedge fund managers would settle for that metric! If their own personal investment strategies have mirrored the portfolio, perhaps it comes as no surprise that the Accumulator was able to successfully retire early in April Passive investing is simple and accessible.

The slow and steady portfolio was a genius idea that has demonstrated the fruits of this approach to those who can be disciplined enough to stay the course. Monevator has achieved widespread acclaim from across the industry. I could draw several parallels between Monevator with Financial-Expert. But I would caution against too much self congratulation.

Its a hell of a lot easier to save money if one has plenty of it. Of course, its easy to spend it too, but there is definitely a difference between having a surplus and not. I would just like to say that today marks the 1st anniversary of my foray into the world of investing. I personally want to thank all of you have contributed in some way of the year and on posts before I washed up on the Monevator shores.

If somebody had told me 10 years ago that I would be happily investing in the stock market, I would have told them they were crazy as I would never put my money into that madness! Turns out that madness can be quite addictive! While being incredibly compelling, investing for the long run can get a bit boring at times. Another 30 something trying to catch up here. Having followed the advice on here, Boggleheads et al. I have managed to achieve a reasonable return during my first 18 months of investing.

I have yet to see a market downturn and as such not had chance to have my nerve tested in my short investing career. Just hope that I will follow the courage of my convictions when the time comes! Lesson well learned.

Our money source was maturing fixed rate Cash ISAs. But over the next two years more of our ISAs will mature, and we shall probably have exhausted this stunt. What then? Will we feel harried into investing more into equities than we really want to? I almost envy younger people who are saving every month — if equities collapse they can rub their hands and enjoy buying more at the new, lower prices.

But what if you are codgers who want to preserve capital? The Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio or its competitors: is that the way to go? Loved the post. As much as I like the concept of the HB Permanent Portfolio, I think the short answer to your question is adjust your equity allocation to a level you! I think it just has to be sucked up. When peers are talking about cars, consoles and season tickets you do feel like the odd man out. The human brain is a complex, silly thing at times. My main takeaway from index investing is that my ego makes no difference to my success it might even reduce it.

Everyone has to start somewhere and with the information available now compared with when I started out is fantastic, this site especially gives some fantastic articles which I share on Facebook,but I have found out not everyone is interested like us,if only they knew I was giving them the blueprint to financial independence.

Its hard to tell people how important compound interest is without sounding a bit freaky or geeky. Luke — Yes, I get that odd man out feeling too sometimes. A lot of people are interested for 5 minutes when they find out I know a bit about investing but very, very few genuinely want to learn anything about it.

Even people who are good with money from a salary or bargain-hunting p-o-v soon wilt when it comes to investing. So much about investing seems inimical to the human brain that expecting people to manage their own financial fate through defined contribution pension systems is tantamount to throwing them to the wolves. Places like this site provide so much good information and information is power… well sometimes….

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Next post: Are Premium Bonds a good investment? Previous post: Weekend reading: Can you withdraw as much from your pension as you plan to? Monevator is a place for my thoughts on money and investing. Please read my disclaimer. You can send me a message. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: All content is for informational purposes only.

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