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Basis Globalaandelen

Basis Globalaandelen

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Many portfolio managers talk about integrating ESG into the investment process, which may simply mean awareness of the risks. Funds in the A category go beyond that, seeking to avoid companies where those risks are deemed too high or which have negative effects to which, on ethical grounds, investors do not want exposure. At a minimum, it requires that investors avoid harm but it also asks that they consider positive impacts.

Companies in this category would be classed as ESG leaders or sustainable leaders, but it is important to distinguish between those that lead in risk management and those that lead in driving positive outcomes. To illustrate the difference, consider a company such as Inditex, an international clothing manufacturer and retailer. Minimising risk would mean considering safety and human rights practices in the supply chain, as well as water and energy efficiency practices.

This is an emerging area within ESG or sustainable investing, but it is one with significant potential. It recognises that sustainability is not just about risk: it creates opportunities for companies. There are structural growth opportunities to be captured, as well as opportunities to improve supply chains in a way that creates a competitive advantage over the long term.

This is generally referred to as impact investing. But it requires more than just intention. Measurement and quantification of outcomes are important elements of impact investing, and one of the biggest challenges. There is a significant role for investors to play in engaging with companies and encouraging them to provide better data that will allow for improved measurement of outcomes.

As an example, Kornit Digital operates within the clothing supply chain using printing technology with zero waste-water and a low carbon footprint. This directly addresses SDG 6 relating to sustainable water management. The ABC framework should be seen as a scale. There is not a clear line where minimising risk ends and benefiting stakeholders or contributing to solutions begins.

This allows the investor to align their own intentions with their investments. Flows into ESG, sustainable and impact funds have been increasing, but confusion about the differences between them persists. Analysing funds in terms of their intention can help distinguish them by purpose. Understanding purpose also allows for a better analysis of outcomes, and measuring those outcomes will be crucial in understanding how they interact with financial returns.

Companies selected for illustrative purposes only to demonstrate the investment management style described herein and not as an investment recommendation or indication of future performance. Research driven, high conviction investing giving clients access to our best equity ideas worldwide. Environmental, social and governance ESG considerations underpin all our investment activities.

Our goal is to make a difference — for our clients, society and the wider world. Beleggen brengt risico met zich mee. De waarde van beleggingen en de inkomsten hieruit kunnen zowel dalen als stijgen en het is mogelijk dat een belegger minder terugkrijgt dan het belegde bedrag.

Resultaten uit het verleden zijn geen garantie voor resultaten in de toekomst. All rights reserved. Professionele beleggers De informatie op de pagina's van deze website mag niet worden beschouwd als een aanbod of een verzoek om te handelen in enige van de op deze pagina's vermelde beleggingen of fondsen, door enige persoon in enig rechtsgebied waar een dergelijk aanbod of verzoek onwettig zou zijn of waar de persoon die een dergelijk aanbod of verzoek doet, hiertoe niet gemachtigd is, of aan enige persoon aan wie een dergelijk aanbod of verzoek niet wettig kan worden gedaan.

Wie we zijn. Onze expertise Onze expertise Onze expertise Vastrentende waarden Aandelen Multi-asset beleggingen Private markten Vastgoed Kwantitatieve investering Alternatieve beleggingen Verzekeringen Strategische klantoplossingen. Allocation Effective Date was September 25, There was no need for action by Siemens shareholders.

Siemens Energy shares were normally credited to the securities account of the relevant Siemens shareholder even prior to the start of trading on the first stock exchange trading day following the Allocation Effective Date provided that these are not based on fractional shares for the account of the shareholders.

You received Siemens Energy shares for all your Siemens shares based on the respective deposits on the date when the Spin-off takes effect, according to the ratio 2 : 1, irrespective of the bank where the respective securities account is maintained. The allocation of shares was free of commissions and fees for the Siemens shareholders who were entitled to an allocation and who held their Siemens shares in securities accounts in Germany.

For securities accounts abroad, commissions and fees might have incurred. The allocation occurred automatically after the effectiveness of the Spin-off. However, you are free to sell the Siemens Energy shares. Details regarding the processing of the allocation were notified separately to the shareholders of Siemens AG without undue delay after the registration of the Spin-off with the registers of companies of Siemens Energy AG and Siemens AG "Share Allocation Notification".

From the first day of trading, the stock price of the Siemens Energy share was determined in regular stock exchange trading and depended on supply of and demand for Siemens Energy shares. The effects of the Spin-off on the market price of shares of Siemens AG are as follows: The stock price of the Siemens share will be quoted "ex Spin-off" as of the first trading day after the Spin-off becomes effective. Similar to dividend dates, the Siemens share will then be traded without the entitlement to receive the Siemens Energy shares granted in connection with the Spin-off.

As a consequence, no tax on capital gains would have to be withheld and paid. Please understand that we cannot provide individual answers relating to the tax consequences of the Spin-off for shareholders. The prerequisite for the Spin-off was the carve-out, which was largely completed by the end of March The Spin-off of Siemens Energy was approved by a large majority of Additionally, the Siemens Pension Trust e.

This page requires JavaScript in order to be fully functional and displayed correctly. Please enable JavaScript and reload the site. It looks like you are using a browser that is not fully supported. Please note that there might be constraints on site display and usability. For the best experience we suggest that you download the newest version of a supported browser:.

Siemens Energy spin-off report. Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting July 09, Siemens Energy Prospectus Sep 7, The Siemens Energy Prospectus was published on Sep 7, Selected Press Releases Which investment banks will support the spin-off? FAQs General. What does Spin-off mean? What is the difference to an IPO? FAQs Technical. What was the ratio for the allocation of shares? Why has the allocation ratio been determined as 2 : 1? What happens to Siemens shareholders who hold an odd number of shares?

What was the determining cut-off date on which it was determined how many Siemens Energy shares each Siemens shareholder will receive? How did Siemens shareholders obtain the Siemens Energy shares? Was there a need for action? Do the Siemens shares have to be kept in a specific securities account to receive the allocated Siemens Energy shares?

For Siemens shareholders were there any fees associated with the allocation of Siemens Energy shares? Could I object to the allocation of Siemens Energy shares? Which financial institution has been commissioned to process the allotment? What was the process of evaluation and pricing of the Siemens Energy share?

What effects does the Spin-off have on the price of the Siemens share?

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Basis Globalaandelen


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Basis Technologies further expands its market-leading SAP automation solutions with the introduction of Testimony, a ground-breaking new product that employs Robotic Test Automation to transform SAP regression testing. Unlike any other testing approach, Testimony eliminates the need for manual test scripting and maintenance, helping companies achieve high-quality, low risk delivery of SAP change.

As the largest SAP market in the world, the company makes a strategic decision to expand its US focus and establish centrally-located sales, consulting, marketing and support operations. The company returns to where it all began in by opening new offices in Sydney, Australia.

Enterprises can adopt ActiveControl and Testimony with the SAP seal of approval, confident that they have demonstrated the ability to integrate smoothly with SAP solutions and will deliver value. The company has experienced significant growth in recent years and investment from SEP enables the acceleration of product development and increased adoption of its industry-leading software through expansion of global sales and partnership capabilities.

ECP users can now employ ActiveControl to help them move faster, minimize risk and ensure full audit compliance when making changes to critical payroll systems on which employee livelihoods depend. Their recommendation? Our Leadership Meet The Team. Craig Oliver. Founder, Basis Technologies Group. Our automated DevOps and testing platform massively reduces the time and effort needed to execute SAP change, helping customers seize market opportunity and grow their business. Achieve measurable business benefits with an entirely new approach to SAP delivery.

ROI Calculator. Accelerate Innovation. Deliver innovation up to 50 times faster to meet business demand. Schedule a Demo. Learn More. Read the Report Get a Demo. Download database in CSV format from Download database page. Explanation of the request is that stands for Russia, 2 - Megafon, - area code, - cell id number. Refined location Beta In version 1. Example of search string: ,02,,,;,02,,,;,02,,,;,02,,,;,02,,, I you need full database of cells in CSV format you can download here.

If you have any sources that contains reliable data about cell towers location please contact me via e-mail. I'll add them into API sources. I'll be happy to give you any help via e-mail [email protected]. Here are some application that could let you view about accuracy of the API. Feel free to install! Thank you for you job, but what are the headers for the csv files? Dear Kirill, I will do it, sure. Great idea.

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