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Trade forex guna newsboys

trade forex guna newsboys

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This is particularly true in the currency market, which responds not only to U. Here, we look at which economic numbers are released when, which data is most relevant to forex traders, and how traders can act on this market-moving information.

With at least eight major currencies available for trading at most currency brokers, there is always a piece of economic data slated for release that forex traders can use to make informed trades. In fact, seven or more pieces of data are released almost each weekday except holidays from the eight major most-followed countries. So for those who choose to trade news, there are plenty of opportunities.

The eight major currencies are familiar to most traders:. Euro EUR 3. British pound GBP 4. Japanese yen JPY 5. Swiss franc CHF 6. Canadian dollar CAD 7. Australian dollar AUD 8. New Zealand dollar NZD. And there are many liquid currency pairs derived from the eight major currencies:. Currencies that can be easily traded span the globe. This means that you can handpick the currencies and economic releases to which you pay particular attention.

But, as a general rule, since the U. Trading news is harder than it may sound. Not only is the reported consensus figure important, but so are the whisper numbers the unofficial and unpublished forecasts and any revisions to previous reports. Also, some releases are more important than others; this can be measured in terms of both the significance of the country releasing the data and the importance of the release in relation to the other pieces of data being released at the same time.

Figure 1 lists the approximate times Eastern Time of the most important economic releases for each of the following countries. These are also the times that players in the forex market pay extra attention to the markets, especially when trading based on news releases. Figure 1: Times at which various countries release important economic news. When trading news, you first have to know which releases are actually expected that week. Second, knowing which data is important is also key.

Generally speaking, the most important information relates to changes in interest rates, inflation, and economic growth, like retail sales, manufacturing , and industrial production:. Interest rate decisions 2. Retail sales 3. Inflation consumer price or producer price 4. Unemployment 5. Industrial production 6. Business sentiment surveys 7. Consumer confidence surveys 8. Trade balance 9. Manufacturing sector surveys.

Depending on the current state of the economy, the relative importance of these releases may change. For example, unemployment may be more important this month than trade or interest rate decisions. Therefore, it is important to keep on top of what the market is focusing on at the moment.

According to a study by Martin D. Evans and Richard K. Lyons published in the Journal of International Money and Finance , the market could still be absorbing or reacting to news releases hours, if not days, after the numbers are released. The study found that the effect on returns generally occurs in the first or second day, but the impact does seem to linger until the fourth day.

The impact on the flow of buy and sell orders, on the other hand, is still very pronounced on the third day and is observable on the fourth day. The most common way to trade news is to look for a period of consolidation or uncertainty ahead of a big number and to trade the breakout on the back of the news. This can be done on both a short-term basis intraday or over several days.

After a weak number in September, the euro was holding its breath ahead of the October number, which was to be released to the public in November. A pip is the smallest measure of change in a currency pair in the forex market, and since most major currency pairs are priced to four decimal places, the smallest change is that of the last decimal point.

For news traders, this would have provided a great opportunity to put on a breakout trade, especially since the likelihood of a sharp move at this time was extremely high. The table above illustrates shows—with two horizontal lines forming a trading channel —the indecision and uncertainty leading up to October non-farm payroll numbers , which were released in early November.

Note the increase in volatility that occurred once the numbers were released. We mentioned earlier that trading news is harder than you might think. The primary reason is volatility. You can be making the right move but the market may simply not have the momentum to sustain the move. This chart shows activity after the same release as the one shown in Figure 2 but on a different time frame to show how difficult trading news releases can be.

On Nov. The disappointment led to an approximately pip sell-off in the dollar against the euro in the first 25 minutes after the release. One thing you should keep in mind is that, on the back of a good number, a strong move should also see a strong extension. One potential answer to capturing a breakout in volatility without having to face the risk of a reversal is to trade exotic options. Exotic options generally have barrier levels and will be profitable or unprofitable based on whether the barrier level is breached.

The payout is predetermined and the premium or price of the option is based on the payout. The following are the most popular types of exotic options to use to trade news releases:. It loads every piece of news from several popular Forex websites. You can choose any news and preset the strategy to trade it, and then Forex News Trader will trade that news by selected strategy automatically when the news comes. This tool uses unique technology to load data with full details from popular forex websites.

Currently, it supports 3 news feed data sources: ForexFactory. Moreover, it also marks the news release points on the chart for further review and research. Forex News Trader support up to 5 advanced strategies that effective with news trading. The order controlling is very professional and absolute automated.

Moreover, you can use it as a powerful tool to trade manually with those automated strategies. News release gives opportunity to have pips since the price usually has big move at that time. Now, with this tool, trading news becomes easier, more flexible and more exciting than ever.

No waiting, no missing, no confusing anymore. Just setup for important news once a week, and this tool will trade all those news exactly as you planned. But only a maximum total amount of simultaneous accounts is allowed to use the product at the same time. Forex News Loader. Switch to Input tab, enter your registered email address and activation key in order to activate your license.

It will remember your license info, so just leave the license blank next times. After installation, you will see the news listed on the panel. You can choose viewing options right on the panel and it will take effect immediately. Today: All news of the current day with selected time zone will be shown. Timezone: Select timezone that time factor of news will be converted to.

Upcoming news button: Move to nearest upcoming news that going to be released. Data source: Select which data source will be connected to load the news. Currently, there are 3 data sources available: ForexFactory. Set alert: Set the amount of minutes that program will alert before an upcoming news release. Allowed time to alert: Set the period of time when alerts are allowed usually, it should be day-time of your local time. The program will not alert you out of this period in order not to disturb you at night time.

Show news on chart: Mark the news release points on chart. The identification of marked points are set as follows:. High impact Medium impact Low impact;. Font size: Select the font size that fits with your screen resolution. Click to any upcoming news in the list, strategy setup panel for that news will popup. Predict the news: This strategy is very simple, just predict the market move direction after news release, then set it to open Buy or Sell order before news release.

This method can maximize the profit and avoid slippage because order is opened when market is still silent, but it also can whipsaw your account if you choose the wrong direction in big news. This is for one who likes to take risk. Pending trap: This is typical strategy that places two opposite pending stop orders before news release to catch the breakout. Regardless of direction of the price move, we expect a large jump and it will trigger one of the pending orders.

In some rare cases, some traders may want to use limit orders instead of stop ones, to catch the reversion of a price move. Grid pending trap: Similar to pending trap strategy, but grid pending trap strategy sets a series of pending orders like a grid. This strategy catches the price move in smaller parts and sums them up in the final result. This is great when combining with news, when the price usually has big move. However, do not set the initial lot size too large since if there are spikes on the news, your account will be margin called before price moves in one direction.

This strategy is suitable for important news that impact the market in mid to long-term. Trigger time before news release: The number of seconds before news release that strategy will be executed. If you want to test the strategy or trade manually without waiting for news release, just set this factor at a big number such as , then it will execute the plan right after you apply.

Trailing stoploss: Start trailing stoploss level with a fixed distance when that trailing stoploss level is far at number of point from entry point. This helps you to avoid unwanted stoploss when spread is widen. If you have further concern, please leave your question at our contact page. Compare with our other products. Setup to trade the selected news automatically with flexible strategies and parameters.

The best news EA here with different strategies to trade the news. Well designed panel which keeps things clean and tidy within one window. Han Siang Singapore. This is an amazing EA. It has multiple strategies out of the box for you to trade. I absolutely love this EA and I will highly recommend it to anyone… and for those who think this is just a news EA, its more than that. I just used it to scalp few pips on my live account while testing it, and it worked like a charm.

Bullish United States. I have just purchased this EA and I am very happy with it.

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