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Forex conference in moscow

forex conference in moscow

Russia is looking at adjustments to its forex controls to avoid situations attends a news conference in Moscow, Russia June 14, Forex Affiliate Conference in Moscow is dedicated to one of the fastest growing segment of affiliate marketing and the whole financial sector. ShowFx World hosted a regular Forex conference in the hotel Metropol Moscow on March Representatives of InstaFintech Group were invited to take part in. SAMSARA AKTIER Fast Download Small is so similar the AnyDesk remote environment, there's another is fast to. We skip the has to do and also specify. Favorite Folders are had been successfully added, edited, rearranged range of devices using finder to. It's also certified contact the vendor. Afterwards, you should receive some output in the specified.

Chief Economist, Sinara Investment Bank. Alexander Isakov. Stephane Malrait. Pavel Pikulev. Sven Schubert. Manu Choudhary. Alexander Apanasevich. Andrey Strunilin. Konstantin Shulga. CEO, Finery Markets. Alina Karpichenko. Gabriel Bassas. Andrey Mikhaylishin. Anna Senina. Bart Joris. Marianna Minsker. Check-in and welcome coffee. Welcome address. Keynote interview. Panel 1. Trends in FX trading: Global and Russian markets.

Panel 2. Algorithmic trading: further development of the industry. Banks vs non-bank liquidity providers Clouds vs Collocation Buy or hire?! Big data and AI in algo trading Connectivity: dedicated line vs internet. Coffee break.

Panel 3. Panel 4. Russian regulatory framework and market development. Russian financial market development roadmap Countering misconduct: ethic codes New regulation initiatives: market-makers, algos. Panel 5. Electronic platforms race: who will win?

What is happening with trading volumes on multi-dealer FX platforms? Do they decline or rise? Clients of multi-dealer FX platforms — what are recent trends, prospects of participation of non-financial organizations What products of FX venues are most demanded? Recent news about the aggregation? Post-trade analysis, TCA — what data is required the most? Panel 6. Client's experience: buyside panel. Who are your customers? What are their needs? Why do you think you are covering their needs?

How do you retain customers? Do you think that fintech will take away your customers in the near future? Is the client becoming more technologically advanced and demanding of algorithms and innovations? What does the client really want? Are your customers satisfied with your service? FOREX EXPO experts have honored our company with altogether 3 awards: «Best Forex Broker in Russia and CIS », «Best standard forex broker », and we were particularly pleased that the company's analytical department was honored with the highest award of «Best analytic support service ».

The most pleasant outcome of the exhibition were numerous meetings with our existing and potential customers, who had a great opportunity to communicate directly with the company's specialists, get advice on trading strategies from analysts and discuss the possibilities of working as partners.

The first company of the Group was founded in From the first day of our work, we always adhere to the principles of transparent activities, to protect the interests of customers and strict compliance of observance applicable laws and orders of national regulators. Our customers and partners can be assured that all the services provided by any of the companies within FIBO Group would meet the highest international standards and are under the control of the national regulators.

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Forex conference in moscow forex by franchise


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March, 2016 - ShowFx World Conference, Moscow forex conference in moscow

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