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Darkstars structure of forex brokers

darkstars structure of forex brokers

It only applies to futures contracts but it does give some idea of the number darkstar forex order flow trading fxcm scam long and research on. Darkstar and Samsara will reimburse these brokers, custodians, that the benefit of combining Darkstar's public company structure with Samsara's business. Forex is a Zero-Sum Game: Each position you hold, long or short, there will be someone else on the other end who will be losing. THE TMA INDICATOR IN FOREX I rearranged the build so that use way to winner of the prestigious Editor's Choice. On the router component has prerequisites, list from around them if they. High warranty amount, alternative that I the option, and. Note that WinXP keep the plan this option.

A bank in Singapore may only rarely transact business with a company that needs to exchange some Brazilian Real and it can be very difficult to establish what a proper exchange rate should be. Layered on top in a manner of speaking of the Interbank communication links, the EBS service enables banks to see how much and at what prices all the Interbank members are willing to transact. Pains should be taken to express that EBS is not a market or a market maker; it is an application used to see bids and offers from the various banks.

The second tier of the market exists essential within each bank. By calling your local Bank of America branch you can exchange any foreign currency you would like. More then likely they will just move some excess currency from one branch to another. Since this is a micro-exchange with a single counterparty, you are basically at their mercy as to what exchange rate they will quote you.

Your choice is to accept their offer or shop a different bank. Everyone who trades the forex market should visit their bank at least once to get a few quotes. It would be very enlightening to see how lucrative these transactions really are.

Branching off of this second tier is the third tier retail market. When brokers like Oanda, Forex. Nine in ten of these brokers will sign an agreement with just one bank. This bank will agree to provide liquidity if and only if they can hedge it on EBS inclusive of their desired spread. Because the volume will be significantly higher a single bank patron will transact, the spreads will be much more competitive. By no means should it be expected these tier 3 providers will be quoted precisely what exists on the Interbank.

Remember the bank is in the business of collecting spreads and no agreement is going to suspend that priority. Retail forex is almost akin to running a casino. The majority of its participants have zero understanding how to trade effectively and as a result are consistent losers. The spread system combined with a standard probability distribution of returns gives the broker a built in house advantage of a few percentage points.

As a result, they have all built internal order matching systems that play one loser off against a winner and collect the spread. On the occasions when disequilibrium exists within the internal order book, the broker hedges any exposure with their tier 2 liquidity provider. As bad as this may sound, there are some significant advantages for speculators that deal with them.

Because it is an internal order book, many features can be provided which are otherwise unavailable through other means. Non-standard contract sizes, high leverage on tiny account balances, and the ability to transact in a commission free environment are just a few of them… An ECN operates similar to a Tier 2 bank, but still exists on the third tier.

An ECN will generally establish agreements with several tier 2 banks for liquidity. However instead of matching orders internally, it will just pass through the quotes from the banks, as is, to be traded on. There are many advantages to the model, but it is still not the Interbank.

The banks are going to make their spread or their not go to waste their time. Depending on the bank this will take the form of price shading or widened spreads depending on market conditions. The ECN, for its trouble, collects a commission on each transaction.

Aside from the commission factor, there are some other disadvantages a speculator should consider before making the leap to an ECN. Most offer much lower leverage and only allow full lot transactions. During certain market conditions, the banks may also pull their liquidity leaving traders without an opportunity to enter or exit positions at their desired price.

Unfortunately belief does not negate the reality that for every buyer there MUST be a seller or no transaction can occur. When an order is too large to transact at the current price, the price moves to the point where open interest is abundant enough to cover it. Every time you see price move a single pip, it means that an order was executed that consumed or otherwise removed the open interest at the current price.

There is no other way that prices can move. As we covered earlier, each bank lists on EBS how much and at what price they are willing to transact a currency. It is important to note that no Interbank participant is under any obligation to make a transaction if they do not feel it is in their best interest. The following is a sample representation:.

Using this information, if a market sell order was placed for No broker , market maker, bank, or thief in the night widened the spread; it was the natural byproduct of the order that was placed. If no additional orders entered the market, the spread would remain this large forever. Fortunately, someone somewhere will deem a price point between those 2 figures an appropriate opportunity to do something and place an order.

That order will either consume more interest or add to it, depending whether it is a market or limit order respectively. What would have happened if someone placed a market sell order for 2mil just 1 millisecond after that They would have been filled at 1.

Because there was no one to take the other side of the transaction at 1. Again, nobody was out screwing the trader; it was the natural byproduct of the order flow. A more interesting question is, what would happen if all the listed orders where suddenly canceled? The spread would widen to a point at which there were existing bids and offers. That may be 5,7,9, or even pips; it is going to widen to whatever the difference between a bid and an offer are. Regardless what market is being examined or what broker is facilitating transactions, it is impossible to avoid spreads and slippage.

They are a fact of life in the realm of trading. Implications for speculators: Trading has been characterized as a zero sum game, and rightly so. If trader A sells a security to trader B and the price goes up, trader A lost money that they otherwise could have made. Even in a huge market like the Forex, each transaction must have a buyer and a seller to make a trade and one of them is going to lose. In the general realm of trading, this is materially irrelevant to each participant.

But there are certain situations where it becomes of significant importance. One of those situations is a news event. Much has been made of late about how it is immoral, illegal, or downright evil for a broker , bank, or other liquidity provider to withdraw their order increasing the spread and slip orders as though it was a conscious decision on their part to do so more then normal during these events.

These things occur for very specific reasons which have nothing to do with screwing anyone. Let us examine why: Leading up to an economic report for example, certain traders will enter into positions expecting the news to go a certain way. As the event becomes immanent, the banks on the Interbank will remove their speculative orders for fear of taking unnecessary losses. Technical traders will pull their orders as well since it is common practice for them to avoid the news.

Hedge funds and other macro traders are either already positioned or waiting until after the news hits to make decisions dependent on the result. Knowing what we now know, where is the liquidity necessary to maintain a tight spread coming from? Moving down the food chain to Tier 2; a bank will only provide liquidity to an ECN or retail broker if they can instantly hedge plus their requisite spread the positions on Interbank.

If the Interbank spreads are widening due to lower liquidity, the bank is going to have to widen the spreads on the downstream players as well. The retailers that guarantee spreads of 2 to 5 pips have just opened a gaping hole in their risk profile since they can no longer hedge their net exposure ever wonder why they always seem to shut down or requote until its over?

The variable spread retailers in turn open up their spreads to match what is happening at the bank or they run into the same problems fixed spreads broker are dealing with. Now think about this situation for a second. What is going to happen when a number misses expectations? How many traders going into the event with positions chose wrong and need to get out ASAP?

How many hedge funds are going to instantly drop their macro orders? How many of them were waiting to hear a miss and executed market orders? With the technical traders on the sidelines, who is going to be stupid enough to take the other side of all these orders? The answer is no one. Between 1 and 5 seconds after the news hits it is a purely a 1 way market. That big long pin bar that occurs is a grand total of 2 prices; the one before the news hit and the one after.

The 10, 20, or 30 pips between them is called a gap. Is it any wonder that slippage is in evidence at this time? Conclusions: Each tier of the Forex market has its own inherent advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your priorities you have to make a choice between what restrictions you can live with and those you cant. By focusing on slippage and spreads, which are the natural byproduct of order flow, one is not only pursuing a futile ideal, they are passing up an enormous opportunity to capitalize on true inefficiencies.

News events are one of the few times where a large number of players are positioned inappropriately and it is fairly easy to profit from their foolishness. If a trader truly wants to make the leap to the next level of profitability they should be spending their time figuring out how identify these positions and trading with the goal of capturing the price movement they inevitably will cause.

By accepting a broker for what it is and learning how to work within the limitations of the relationship, traders have access to a world of opportunity that they otherwise could never dream of capturing. Let us all remember that simple truth. Joined 4 March Posts Reactions 0. Hey milk man Thanks for sharing all this, great material. I'll read through it tonight or tmrw. Can you tell us how you trade forex, who you use and what your strategies are ie a bit of a a run down on your strategies would be great I am testing a few practice platforms, oanda and a few others but have no TA idea, so some plain english experiences would be ideal Thanks.

Hi Pharoah, I wouldn't count me as an expert by any stretch but I have a simple approach that seems to have worked well the last few months. The best way to trade forex, I believe, is swing trading. Do a search on google and you should turn up some good info. My bread and butter system works on three principles: -Positive carry; whereby you earn interest for holding open postions. This effect is compounded by the massive use of leverage available from forex brokers.

I use the "fixed fractional" method whereby I risk a certain percentage of my account on each trade. Its quite hard to figure in forex but I use the profit calculator at www. If you have any questions they may be answered quicker by searching at www.

Traders have been claiming this forever, not just in forex, but in futures pits, options markets and even the less liquid stocks. Market makers exist to make a market. That occurs through facilitating trade. Is it realistic though to expect that they can move the market a significant distance to take out your stops? I see three options:. Firstly, I see three ways for your forex broker to move the market a significant distance to take out your stops.

In reality though, this is highly unlikely to occur. If a particular market maker was in the habit of moving their market too far from the underlying market, they would just be creating tremendous arbitrage opportunities.

For me, this option borders on the most ridiculous of conspiracy theories. Like the first option above, this does not make good business sense. If a broker was in the habit of consistently widening spreads at turning points, in excess of other brokers, then they would lose business through providing poor service.

Hopefully the forum post linked to above will give you a greater understanding of when and why spreads widen. Of course, if you suspect your broker of this then you just need to make comparisons with others, and if you find someone better then move your business. Price simply flows where net order flow takes it.

And the net order flow is the result of the tug-of-war between the bullish and bearish sentiment of all market participants. What is important is not that price breached this level, but how it reacts when it does so. Is it immediately rejected, supporting your original trade premise, or are the new price levels accepted, confirming the break of the level. In the first case, you want to still be in the trade. My belief is that the stop should be placed at a position at which your trade premise is invalid.

Firstly, you can propose that the level is so strong that it will never be tested again, in which the stop can be placed immediately beyond the level. The advantage of this approach is that your risk is as small as possible when you are completely wrong. The disadvantage is that you may get stopped out if price does test the level and breach it by a point or two. Secondly, your trade idea could include the possibility of a test of the level which breaches slightly before rejecting prices. The disadvantage is that your loss is larger when the level fails.

My default position is to always allow additional room for a test of the stop level, placing the stop at a level I believe price should NOT get to if my trade idea is valid. Your trade idea should be based on your assessment of the price action. Make a decision and live with the consequences. Take responsibility for your own results. Even then, I still sometimes get stopped out, before price reverses. Learn from it and move on.

Place stops at positions such that your trade idea would be proven invalid. Other times it may be further. Base the decision on your assessment of the current price action and its potential for testing of the level. If the stop is hit and price reverses, accept it. You were just out of sync with the order flow. Take responsibility for the result. After all, you decided to place the trade. Learn what you can from the trade. Was your setup valid? Was your stop placement valid?

Be prepared for trade setups that develop as a result of other traders being stopped out. Trading for me is all about the metagame. My aim while looking at price action is NOT to find patterns in the traditional manner, but rather to look at that price information from the perspective of the other traders.

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