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See B92, Zemun, on the map The following transit lines have routes that pass near B92 From Media S Starcom Media Vest, Vracar. Vesti | B92 · Vesti | B92 · Vesti | B92 · Vesti | B92 · Vesti | B92 · Vesti | B92 · Vesti | B Vesti · Kecmanov as · Njujorške priče · Žreb · Raspored · Rezultati · Liveblog · Bnet · Vesti Italijan "vidi" najboljeg posle pada. INVESTING IN PRECIOUS METALS 2014 DODGE File to determine an employee can try on the improve our site. Find centralized, trusted manager -- short your workload without key IDs can. Comodo System Utilities are a big.

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Biz Komentara: Info Komentara: 0. Zdravlje Komentara: Moj Kvadrat. Moj Kvadrat Komentara: 0. Biz Komentara: 0. Roland Garros Roland Garros Komentara: 0. Info 3. Tehnopolis Tehnopolis Komentara: Biz 6. Zdravlje 1. Roland Garros 7. Kultura 3. Automobili 0. Horoskop 2. Sport Lokal Izbori Izbori Komentara: 4. Izbori Komentara: 2. Izbori Komentara: 9. Novi korona-presek: Preminule dve osobe Info Komentara: 0.

Grad potpuno blokiran — kovid se vratio Info Komentara: 1. Najnoviji presek za Srbiju: Preminule tri osobe Info Komentara: 0. Nije kraj — donete nove kovid mere Info Komentara: 0. Srbija Feliks Romulijana. Milan najavljuje dan sa Novakom i Rafom. Region Komentara: Aktuelno Komentara: 0. The ticker was returned on 4 February , which was replaced by flipper again on 3 February Until , TV B92 has undertaken a noticeable shift towards commercialization.

Since , it was broadcasting the Serbian version of Big Brother reality series Veliki brat , for which it received both a huge boost of ratings, as well as much criticism from its traditional viewers. In rating seasons starting September lasting until July , TV B92 has introduced a much more commercialised line-up.

It has heavily advertised its shows during the non-ratings season of summer The show features many famous Serbian actors and actresses. The network has also filmed a new season of popular comedy show Mile vs. The —09 season started in October. The most important project for the season for the station was Operacija Trijumf. Champions league matches were also being aired by TV B The channel was broadcasting on all major cable systems in the country and over the Internet.

TV B92 had called Info channel launch as the biggest project of the company's television segment. In the spring of , the purple crystal-kryptonite which can be rotated, suddenly appeared in Belgrade. Because of that, TV B92 became surprised and made a speculation talking about the crystal-kryptonite at Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade. From 19 April to 20 April , TV B92 started to air some promos with this crystal-kryptonite and were advertising something, but during its news program Vesti B92 on 20 April at 11 pm, it was known that TV B92 is going to be rebranded on 21 April Then on 21 April , TV B92 started the new season of —12 and underwent a visual makeover.

At the same time, it introduced a new logo that consists of a purple crystal-kryptonite that contains an orange slash while the "B 92" wordmark are appearing in the middle of the crystal-kryptonite. But however, its purple crystal-kryptonite logo was short-lived and was only used for 12 months.

In , TV B92 got its fourth and final logo which was a purple cube with a golden flash. From 17 March to 18 March , TV B92 began to air some promos with the purple cube and was advertising something. Finally on 19 March , TV B92 discontinued its purple crystal-kryptonite logo and introduced a new logo that consists of a purple cube that has a golden flash as well as the "B92" wordmark are in the center of the purple cube, but is now spelled with a lowercase letter "b", known as b The purple cube was the last logo to carry TV B92's franchise and it was used for 5 years from 19 March to 10 September On 18 March , TV B92 aired the popular Croatian telenovela Larin izbor and on 11 September , that same year, it started showing Turkish television drama for the first time as the last major Serbian commercial TV station to do so.

At last on 18 December , the cable channel B92 Info has ceased to exist. In late October , Serbian newspaper Blic reported that TV B92 will be possibly renamed to OTV by the end of , with the result made after a petition made by former TV B92 employees telling the network to change its name, and around 1, people signed for the petition. One last step by that decision was the removal of the Serbian most popular political late-night talk show Utisak nedelje.

The planned channel was said to be an entertainment-oriented TV station, but the logo and was unknown at the time. It was also said that the change would not affect the cable channel B92 Info, "which will continue to air with this name", and Radio B92 would continue to work in the same format. Three years later on 11 September , TV B92 completed the proposed re-branding and started broadcasting under the name of O2.

After three years as O2, the television restored B92 brand on 1 March A new visual identity was introduced, with the logo featuring lowercase "b92" in a flat design. The programming concept, advertised as "refreshed", did not change substantially. In November , a Greek-Swedish joint-venture Astonko d.

During the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia , when government representatives raided the Radio B92 premises and disabled its transmitter, OpenNet continued to broadcast the radio program over the Internet. The signal was rebroadcast via satellite and by several radio stations in neighboring countries. All of this was done with support from RealNetworks. Today, B It has been the leading Serbian Internet site from to s. At its peak, the average number of page views per day exceeded 1 million, while the daily average number of visitors peaked at , At its peak, Alexa.

As of December , Alexa. Over the years, B92 has also been successfully running the Humanitarian Fund. One of its most notable actions were "Battle for the Babies", "Battle for the Maternity Wards", "Give blood—save life! B92 also runs a record label, although in recent years its releases are few and far between. B92 also runs the Rex cultural center.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Serbian news station. For other uses, see B92 disambiguation. Zemun , Belgrade. Net income. Retrieved 4 October Schmidt 20 June New York Times. Retrieved 6 May

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