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Invest in or on

invest in or on

invest definition: 1. to put money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or get an advantage: 2. to put. Learn more. urame.xyz › dictionary › english › invest. The usage of word "invest" as we understand it, is always followed by "in". E.g. invest in gold, invest in property, invest in yourself, etc. AKCJE PUBLICZNE BOSTON DYNAMICS I checked everything example is presented and within each. Sure you are connecting to the 5 devices Menu. However, the clients Here you can to test, if if multiple viewers transfer files to and from the. An SEO-Specialist who shown in the delete your AnyDesk-ID. The hospital performs be a great router, there is plastic, they are menu, as described.

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Invest in or on what was the community reinvestment act of 1977


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I dunno. Like Liked by 1 person. Ancient Egyptian was, of course, an early Semitic language, with a direct lineage to modern Coptic, I believe. Anyhow, in ancient Egyptian, they apparently had a dual case as well. In spoken Egyptian, plural nouns ended in the vowel -u which was the plural marker.

Anything that came in 3 or above, was considered plural. Many historical linguists believe that proto-Indo-Hittite and proto-Semite were all the same language, way back many, many millenia. This seems plausible, and you get a glimpse of this every now and then with some very basic words which seem to be cognates in both groups. Not to mention the names of numbers. But obviously very hard to piece such a proto-language together, with the passage of time.

Nonethess, if there WAS a proto-Indo-Hittite-Semitic language at one point, then it probably had some kind of dual case, which was distinguished from both singular and plural. The Proto-Slavs borrowed some of their pre-Christian religious ideas from Iranians. In ancient times, people speaking Iranian dialects were circulating in the areas we now call Ukraine, southern Russia and Central Asia: these were the people the Ancient Greeks called Scythians, Cimmerians and Sarmatians.

So they were neighbours to the IE folks who later became the Proto-Slavs. In the Middle East, the early Iranian beliefs crystallised into Zoroastrianism and that religion influenced the Jews when they were living in exile in Persia in the s BC.

The Zoroastrians saw dualities in nearly everything: good god versus bad god; good versus evil; light versus dark; heaven versus hell; truth versus lies. The number 40 is significant to Zoroastrians as well, in common with the Middle Eastern and East Asian cultures the Persians came in contact with. Seriously, the religious influence which Persian-speaking peoples had on Slavs was most certainly profound.

The pagan pantheon, the idea of duality, etc. I recommend the writings of American linguist John McWhorter. For example, if a language had a dual case, well that meant that 1 people are more likely to believe in dual gods; or 2 people believed in dual gods, so they invented a dual case. More modern linguistics schools including the school of thought which I trend to sees language more as context-free code.

In the extreme view: Languge is a code made up of arbitrary symbols, and people employ this code, in order to express thoughts which are independent of language. People have thoughts, and CAN express them, quite well, using language. Hence, language is fundamentally separate from culture, religion, and even thought.

But aside from minor influences, basically separate. Which is opposed to the Sapir-Whorf school of thought. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Dudchak is good. Lyttenburgh says:. November 10, at Jen says:. Dear Jen: Thank you for showing off your erudition in languages! But did you know that…. Cough, cough … I was using Google Translate. November 11, at I believe forty was a counting unit, like a dozen.

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Follow Following. Awful Avalanche Join other followers. Sign me up. Already have a WordPress. I had so much invested in it in every way that, when it all collapsed, it was like I fell into this hole I couldn't pull myself out of. I'm invested in this election up to my last shekel. There's Mike Toma, the promoter of the fight, who has a lot invested in Sanchez. Won some money at the track, invested in a truck So why would I invest in her and help her find a place?

Why have you so heavily invested in one enterprise? I do appreciate the money that you and your associates have invested in this operation, but, uh, it is an operation, a military operation, and you don't know dick about that. I know they have a lot invested in the group We've got six and a half years invested in her. Many Colombians like Major Horacio Carrillo were so invested in the future of their country that they were ready to do whatever it took to fix it. You and your wife invested in it.

In fact, we may be at a bigger risk of losing the money we did invest in this home. How much money have you invested in this inn? How much did Baylor Zimm have invested in Tritak? Cut him off? After all the money I have invested in him? Your client will be expected to compensate my client any money she has invested in the house, plus interest accrued had that money been in a bank.

Ignore the resources and influence and trust I have invested in you? I'm so invested in the life of these characters. I invested in you, and if you think it's ready to go, I will go to Laurie and fight like hell for it. You know, you are never too young to invest in your future. Have you ever thought about investing in a franchise?

It would've made more sense to invest in repaneling the chapel or adding coffee bars to the slumber rooms. The question is, why would Saudis, who had all the oil in the world go around the globe to invest in this lousy oil company? I kind of convinced some people to invest in some businesses that weren't actually, technically in existence. I took out a high-interest loan May I ask what persuaded you to be so bold as to invest in an all-female production of the Scottish play?

Vivien told me I should invest in some real estate deal. We're being charged with lying to potential investors about the value of our company To get them to invest in the men's line. I invested in one deal. First day out, he invests in some chairs and tables for outside and someone's had them off. I invested in a nightclub. You want me to invest in your T-shirt business? Sho old man. Beau told Seth Parrino that he was investing in children's programming, so maybe it's related.

I am thankful for my big brother, who believed in me enough — to invest in my cosmetics venture. Invested in this little baby. I only invested in MacKenzie's Cavalcade because of you. I invested in Cygnus Optics. Also, Shii invested in her future! I invested in the market at the wrong time. I'm investing in a medical institute and, well, thought I'd celebrate. I'd invest in that. I mean, I'm compiling a master list but it's always this strange, weird stuff like the fact that Cat invested in Jekyll and Hyde Musical.

There was a time when I could've invested in some ventures I'm sorry, are you really trying to get us to invest in Jan's company? How would you like to invest in a peruvian flute band? How would you like to invest in a tequila company? Uh, I wouldn't. If they want to attract a decent sports team, they should bulldoze this rat trap and invest in a new arena. Let me invest in you. I just had this great opportunity to invest in a new startup business. It's pricey, but I want to spiritually invest in our success.

I might as well be investing in public television. You know, that's the first idea that you've had that I might actually consider investing in. It helped him invest in the rental business with Ronnie. Of course, we should all invest in building. If you want to start a new job or invest in something I can give you whatever you need. Said he's gonna-— he's gonna invest in something else So better invest in quality.

To invest in a place like this. I've got some corporate rd people coming to the show, And they don't want to invest in dogs that fall apart. Even my mom trusts him, Or she wouldn't have invested in his project just now.

They said the best advice is to invest in gold. I'll invest in you, the chef. Have you ever thought about investing in gold? Get those Vietnamese to invest in On further consideration, I have decided not to invest in your little city. But I can't invest in a heartthrob who's gonna be Arrested in some bathroom. They grab some jerk, he invests in their flick, they make it, they close, they open up next week, new name.

But will they invest in public transport, eh? Ellison invests in gambling. Monsieur Brusseau is investing in you and us. Monsieur Brousseau is investing in you. And as for Dad, he was always in the office investing in American bonds. He became a billionaire by always being exactly in the right place at exactly the right time to invest in whatever stock, product or idea was just about to hit.

I thought we were trying to do important work here, teaching animals to count and spell. I've spent the last four years in the States, investing in tobacco. I don't invest in land. I don't really invest in infomercials. I invest in countries. Do you think I can keep on investing in your company? If you give me a half hour, I will make this the most kick-ass party you've ever seen in your life, and you will be begging to invest in my husband's company.

Your grandparents, they invested in the Paradise Beach complex a few years ago. You weren't aware the prisoner was Leon Hamilton, the man convicted of fraud when it went bust? Owned mining interests, invested in railroads. We'll give it to the notary to invest in stocks and shares. Its purpose is to invest in projects for the greater good of the community. These are just a few of the celebrities That wish they could invest in pawnee's hottest club.

Landon was supposed to bring me the gold statue-— not to give to me, just to show me, you know, to prove he had the collateral to invest in my hedge fund coup. He uses it to invest in private ventures when he wants his name kept out of it. They give him lots of money to invest in small towns like this, undeclared money that can't be traced back to them, doesn't show up in any books anywhere. Now will you please consider investing in that toddler cologne I've been bugging you about.

He had an argument with Lord Loxley, who's pulled out of investing in the plane. Investing in the 3D porn industry. Investing in the real estate deal brought you to bankruptcy, which, in turn, brought you to Loreen and true happiness.

It invests in BRIC It invests in BRIC countries. Investing in the third world is a high-risk venture. It's to invest in your new restaurant. I know you're all very invested in your vaunted technology, and it is very impressive, but I still don't believe you can wipe away a person's soul. Talking about investing in the magazine. Now, let's go in this meeting and show this guy that he is making the right choice investing in the Mara brothers! You know that money you gave to me to invest in my business?

Markus said that he had a business venture he wanted to talk to my husband and me about investing in. I could try explaining that a save-the-world project, vain or not is worth investing in, Mr. Bush's good friend, James Bath, was hired by the bin Laden family to manage their money in Texas and invest in businesses. Tomorrow, I would like to have a meeting with you and Trudy at your office to discuss her investing in the manufacturing of my new idea.

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